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Dr Rick Collingwood’s Lose Weight Now Self Hypnosis CD winner 2008 PLATINUM ARIA AWARD

Dr Rick Collingwood’s ‘Lose Weight Now’ self hypnosis CD is designed to influence the eating habits of those who listen to it. This self hypnosis CD affects your thought patterns, causing you to subconsciously consider what you eat and when, why you choose to eat and how much you eat in any given sitting. This CD is formatted to help you achieve and maintain the optimum body weight for you by targeting appetite control, eating patterns, exercise regimes and the motivation to successfully lose weight. The positive effects from this CD can be seen in as little as a week after you begin listening to it. CD Running time 58 minutes 33 seconds

A Proven Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Welcome to the new, slim you! Successful and permanent weight loss is the result of changing your lifestyle and decision making processes – not by a temporary ‘fad’ diet. You can’t eat processed food, fast food, and frozen meals for the rest of your life! Sure you might lose some weight for a while but what happens after you return to your old habits?

Hypnosis makes Weight Loss Permanent, Fast & Easy

Instantly change your attitude towards:

  • Eating patterns
  • Food selection
  • Exercise – choose activity over inactivity
  • Motivation to lose the weight and keep it off – permanently

Why has this CD sold so many copies… because it works! Experience the positive and beneficial suggestions on this CD time and time again in the privacy and comfort of your own home. Experience greater clarity, focus and motivation to achieve your weight loss goals now and in the future!

Join the thousands of people who have used this CD to lose weight easily. If you want to lose weight with hypnosis you simply cannot go past this program. It is time-tested and proven to work and is one of the best selling weight loss hypnosis CDs ever produced by any author in any country.

Please be aware that if you are underweight and listening to this Weight Loss CD you will more than likely gain weight. What will happen is that the message for the subconscious is for the person to take steps to achieve an optimum weight for them. If they are under the optimum weight the subconscious mind will instruct them to gain rather than lose weight.