Rick Collingwood – Creating Abundance


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Being down on your luck is really disheartening, as is the feeling of under-achievement and failure. With this powerfully formulated Self Hypnosis CD, your luck can change. By attracting better circumstances into your life, it allows you to achieve more both financially and emotionally, and reach those goals you once thought were unattainable. To help create abundance in all areas of ones life it removes the “I don’t deserve it “ mentality. It assists in bringing the conscious mind into harmony with the subconscious mind. This is necessary as the conscious mind has a tendency to detract us from what we truly want. CD Run Time 46 Minutes 48 seconds

Utilize the Law of Attraction to Attract Financial & Personal Abundance

The “proof is in the pudding” when it comes to this very special CD. Many (20+) of the parent company’s Australian retail customers actually started their businesses because they used this CD, changed their attitude towards success and then took the step from employee to successful business owner because the CD gave them the tools and frame of mind to do so. After they established their new business (health stores, fitness centres, book stores etc.) they contacted the company, told them their story and made sure that Rick’s CDs were the first line of product they carried because they knew they worked and wanted to be a part of selling them. From our point of view this is a great representation of how good this particular product actually is and many of these people are still today amongst the company’s best customers.

This CD will help you create and attract better financial circumstances by utilizing the laws of attraction and developing a strong mindset towards bringing forth abundance in all areas of your life. It will help you develop more motivation and a strong drive to set your goals and achieve them in a realistic time-frame. It will assist you to become more positive and embrace the good things that come your way and is especially helpful if you are the type of person who adopts an “I don’t deserve it” type mentality and turn it into “I Am and I Will”.

This CD has been released for many years, long before films about ‘Secrets’ and so forth came out. It has a proven track record of hundreds of success stories because it gives you a direct tool to achieve good things in you life, not just information without telling you how to really use it. Like all the self-hypnosis CDs on this site, it Locks In At the Deepest Level all the beneficial techniques and ideas that are contained on this recording so that they become a permanent fixture in every part of your life.

In fact Australia’s leading psychic Deb Webber, who is a TV star on the TV show Sensing Murder and is the number one columnist for Australia’s leading woman’s magazine Woman’s Day, used this particular CD before she reached fame and was living in a caravan park. After using the CD she had an epiphony of sorts when she saw money falling from the sky from the banks of a river and shortly thereafter everything changed and she landed the Magazine job, became booked out for 5 years with her readings and became an instant celebrity.