Rick Collingwood – Control The Gambling Urge

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Are you preoccupied with gambling? Do you lie to friends, colleagues and family about what you do and how much you spend? Do you return after having loses to try and recoup them, only to lose more? This Self Hypnosis CD will help reformat your gambling desires, helping to curb and in most instances stop your desire to continue gambling all in the privacy of your own home so no one need know. Hypnosis is proven to reduce and eliminate addictive gambling habits. CD Run Time 54 Minutes

Beat Gambling Addictions With Hypnosis

This program will help you easily and automatically find better things to do than gamble away all your money. It will allow you to overcome the addiction and to simply walk past that Casino, or Poker Machine, Sports Betting or other gambling institution without even having to think twice. Self hypnosis is a powerful tool to beat gambling addiction because it treats the problem directly from where it resides – in the subconscious mind.

Any addiction, whether it is drug related or based on compulsion, is brought about by patterns or habits formed in the subconscious mind. When you begin gambling it usually starts out as something fun and exciting. Then you may have a win and experience the thrill. More often than not that is when the experience begins to turn into a pattern. As soon as that pattern begins to become automatic for you then you are left with no alternative as it becomes an addiction.

This self hypnosis recording is designed to help you unravel this process step by step and return to a time before the pattern. It will help you release the past and to move forward positive and empowered. Remember the time in your life when you were not addicted to gambling. It is possible to throw away the habit and relive these times once again.

This powerful hypnotherapy program will help you overcome all types of gambling addictions. You were not born a Gambler…

‘Control the Gambling Urge’ cleans your slate of the past allowing you a fresh start without any negative thoughts or feelings. Stay calm and stay positive while you change your life. Using this program will slowly change your perception and decision making processes towards gambling and allow you to replace the habit with an alternative that is right for you. It will leave the power in your hands and once you realize how happy and how much money you save from not gambling, you will wonder why you never chose this program earlier.