Rick Collingwood – A Youthful You


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This Self Hypnosis CD is great to bring back the youthful approach to life physically, mentally and emotionally. Extremely effective at improving energy, vitality, self esteem, happiness and general well being within any listener young or old. This is a great CD to help facilitate the effects of almost any other title in this range. Also great to use with the Lose Weight Now Self Hypnosis CD to help encourage energy and vitality. CD Run Time 55 minutes

Hypnosis for Youth, Vibrancy & Energy

This program will help bring back the youthful approach to your life, physically, mentally, sexually and emotionally. It focuses on appetite, digestion, excretion and sleeping. It instructs all major organs to become healthy and any lesions to heal. It will help you release all past negative experiences or issues and create a passing from negative self destruction to positive self confidence. The self hypnosis CD enables you to see everything as easy instead of difficult, creating the feeling of contentment and calm making you the master of yourself.

You will be young and vital in every way. Create youthful energy and enthusiasm encouraging you to take interest in having new experiences and living again. Scientific studies show a direct relationship between consistent deep relaxation and slowing the aging process. This recording is designed to implement these principles through a deep and relaxing hypnosis session that also uses direct positive suggestion to further reinforce the phenomena.

We have had some very interesting and versatile positive feedback from using this CD. There have been quite a few ‘older’ women who have used this CD and reported back an increase in their sex drive and sexual functioning. On more then one occasion we have also been informed that using this CD has helped other ‘older’ people embrace technology and begin to learn to use computers.

Although these stories may sound a little different, they do make complete sense on a physical and also a mental level because once you start thinking that you are young again, all types of other positive things are bound to happen.