Meditation CDs

These beautiful relaxation meditation CDs are designed to give you the best relaxation ever. They can also be used at night when you go to sleep to give you a deep relaxing night sleep.

Our meditation CD’s can be found here

Do you know these 10 amazing things can happen to your body while you are relaxing and meditating?

  • The heart slows down by 5 beats per minute
  • The rate of respiration slows down also
  • There is a slight decrease in body temperature
  • In the circulatory system, the levels of fatty acids decrease and the glucose levels start to reduce
  • A reduction in stress-producing chemicals, adrenalin and arterial lactate can be measured
  • The blood gets thinner
  • The production of Carbon Dioxide decreases and in turn the need for Oxygen is less
  • Metabolic activity throughout the body slows down as the cells rest and repair themselves
  • The body is revitalised
  • Confidence increases and there is a tendency to look forward to new challenges and to begin taking control of life

Guided Relaxation Hypnosis CDs

The script of these Hypnotic CD’s contain advanced hypnotic strategies to induce a correct trace ensuring a positive outcome. Some of these appear to be ‘imperfections’ within the scripting. These hypnosis CD’s deliberately use some nonsensical and grammatically incorrect phraseology to control conscious awareness. ‘Sleep’ verbal pitching and inflections are also used to influence the frequencies of the brain.

The best way to use these CD’s or any other CD’s on this site is in a quiet, safe and relaxing place without any disturbances and should not be used while driving a vehicle or operating machinery.

White Noise Meditation CDs By George Baker

George is an innovative and highly skilled composer from the U.S. who specialises in utilising special frequencies and ambient music that help achieve deeper and more sustained levels of relaxation and trance. He has produced over 30 top selling recordings and is currently one of the top selling New Age artists in the U.S.

The unique “Soundscapes” series of sessions use soothing music scores, sounds of falling water and pink noise encoded with binaural beat technology to help achieve meditative, relaxation or concentrative states. The pink noise binaural beat brainwaves carrier used in these recordings is a scientifically proven way to help achieve meditative states without the years of practice and discipline traditionally required to learn the techniques of effective meditation.

Natural Listening Meditation CDs by Andrew Skeoch

Andrew is one of the world’s few professional nature sound artists, and his field work has taken him to remote wild locations from the Outback to the Himalayas. Together with his partner/photographer, Sarah Koschak, he is well-known for their ‘Listening Earth’ nature albums, which have been enjoyed by listeners around the world. His recordings have also been heard on film and TV, notably having been commissioned by Peter Gabriel for his soundtrack to ‘Rabbit Proof Fence’.

Andrew and Sarah live in a Bushland environment in south east Australia. The ‘Listening Earth’ series is recorded in pristine natural locations, these albums feature only the pure sounds of nature as you would hear them if you were there. They are designed to help you create a natural ease in your day and reconnect with the beauty of our living planet.

Listening to nature can benefit your health and wellbeing. Natural sounds are vital and alive. They will quieten your mind, balance your nervous system and renew your spirit.

Suzanne Teng

Suzanne Teng is one of the most acclaimed New Age artists of today. Her recordings are as relaxing as they are thought provoking and combine many different cultural musical elements from around the globe to form intricately beautiful musical masterpieces. Suzanne’s critically acclaimed albums have received many awards and nominations from around the world. Her best known performance was her musical on the Survivor II final episode. She plays for the soul.

Oasis Of Inner Light Meditation CD Collection

Mietha and Brethnae are co-authors and creators of this series.
Meditation composed and performed by Leanne Phillips.

Mietha – “I have been meditating and facilitating meditation courses for 20 years. I am the voice that guides you through meditations. I believe we are simultaneously student and teacher, and that it is our life’s journey to learn as well as we teach. This is true balance. I live to learn and move ever closer to my divine heritage. I am a practitioner of Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Natural Therapies. I also facilitate Disciplined Attunement Courses.”

Brethnae…”I have been a musician for much of my life and have undertaken the challenge by spirit to provide the musical compositions for the meditative journeys. I have been on my spiritual journey for many years. I have followed by intuition in the creation of these soundscapes, joining them with guided meditations by hope is that they are powerful tools which will help you attain your spiritual goals and more.”