Lapis Lazuli & Pearl Pendant


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Sterling Silver Lapis Lazuli & Pearl Pendant

Length 4.5 cm Width 2cm

Comes in gift pouch with stone information

Lapis Lazuli

Enhances creative expression, thought amplification, physic awareness, courage, intellect, enlightenment and balance on all levels. It has been used as a protective stone, sheltering the wearer from physical and physic attacks. It can help one to overcome depression and enhances states of serenity and self acceptance. It can assist in the organization of day to day routine and activities of ones life. May aid in the maintenance of  throat, bone marrow, thymus and immune systems. It may help to relieve symptoms of insomnia, vertigo and dizziness. Also good in relieving nervousness and grief.


Pearl is known as the stone of purity. It helps us to remain centered and calm in all situations. It allows us the momentum to go with the flow of life without attracting the stress involved. Pearls have been known to enhance the wearer with integrity, truth, compassion and honesty. They are said to attract an abundance of good luck and keep us protected when needed. Pearls are said to reduce allergies and help with skin conditions such as dermatitis and acne. They may also aid in the relief of headaches while enhancing the functions of the kidneys, spleen and liver. Pearls are said to help with fertility as well as lessening the pain while enduring child birth.



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