Clear Quartz Pendant with Tourmaline


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This clear quartz pendant has pink and green tourmaline on the front. Measures approx 4 cm.

Clear quartz enhances  brain functions, meditation, physic abilities, balancing emotions, receiving and transmitting energy. Quartz can be used to clear and activate the energy centres of the body. Provides for purification of the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. It is a healer of negativity associated with ones perspectives and judgments. Has been used extensively in meditation, spiritual development and healing. It helps to recognize the origin of dis-ease. Clear quartz may aid in the maintenance of pituitary and pineal glands, swelling, fevers, immune system, circulatory system. Promotes emotional stability. Very strong all round healing crystal.

Pink and green tourmaline are powerful healing stones and are great for the heart chakra to help heal past hurts and helping for one to develop the self love needed to move forward on life’s journey. They have a gentle healing energy which will help you to overcome any heart centre related issues you may be dealing with.