Charoite Amethyst & Pearl Pendant


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Sterling Silver Charoite Amethyst & Pearl Pendant

Length 5 cm Width 2 cm

Comes in gift pouch with stone information


This is a great stone to remove or transmute negativity and provides healing on all levels. Charoite is a good stone to help to face and then release any fears that we may have. It can also help us with acceptance of situations and provide insight where its needed. This is also a great stone to prevent obsessive or compulsive behaviours. Charoite is a great healing stone for anyone and is important for healers as it helps us to remember the importance of our service to others and the good of humanity. Charoite is also very protective from psychic attacks.


 Amethyst enhances intuition, creativity, memory and motivation. Balances energies of the intellectual, emotional and physical bodies. Cleanses the aura and stabilizes and transmutes dysfunctional energy located within the body. Bestows stability, strength and peace. Great stone for meditation as it soothes the mind and focuses attention. Excellent stone to help find freedom from addictions. Good stone for treatment of insomnia or any other problems associated with sleep. Amethyst may aid in the treatment of endocrine & immune systems, cleansing organs, circulatory system and headaches and or migraines.


Pearl is known as the stone of purity. It helps us to remain centered and calm in all situations. It allows us the momentum to go with the flow of life without attracting the stress involved. Pearls have been known to enhance the wearer with integrity, truth, compassion and honesty. They are said to attract an abundance of good luck and keep us protected when needed. Pearls are said to reduce allergies and help with skin conditions such as dermatitis and acne. They may also aid in the relief of headaches while enhancing the functions of the kidneys, spleen and liver. Pearls are said to help with fertility as well as lessening the pain while enduring child birth.



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