Carnelian & Aquamarine Pendant


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Sterling Silver Carnelian & Aquamarine Pendant

Length 6cm Width 3cm

Comes in gift pouch with stone information

Enhances motivation, clarity of mind, meditation, concentration, memory, self confidence, vocal expression, peace, harmony and courage. It protects against envy, fear, rage and helps to banish sorrow. It stabilizes energy within the home and encourages love between parents and children. Works well with amethyst to develop higher mental awareness. Carnelian may aid in the maintenance of lower back problems, lungs, blood, reproductive organs, tissue regeneration, gall stones, kidney stones, pollen allergies and colds.

Enhances clear communication of the higher self. It has a calming and cooling effect and is great for one to connect to their own wisdom and knowledge. Aquamarine is a great stone for meditation and helps you connect to the divine feminine self. This stone is said to help with nerve pain, disorders of the neck and jaw as well as toothaches. Said to help ease depression and grief. Also a great stone for providing courage and strength of the will.



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