Moldavite & Peridot Earrings


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Sterling Silver Moldavite & Peridot Earrings

Length 5 cm

Comes in gift box with stone information


Moldavite is predominantly a heart chakra stone with an intense energy helping us to connect fully on every level. Sometimes referred to as the holy grail stone as it can powerfully aid us in our transformation to raise our vibration and higher consciousness. This stone is great if we are ready to change our lives for the betterment of humanity and is extremely protective to anyone who wears or carries it. Moldavite is said to aid us in our connection to other realms and dimensions and brings clarity of messages when we are ready to receive them and a deeper spiritual growth.


Enhances patience, mental and emotional clarity, happiness, sleep, confidence and balanced emotions. Helps to lessen anger and jealousy, inspiring happiness within the self. It can be used to magnify the inner aspects of any situation, and furthers the understanding of those changes which are occurring in ones life. It can be used to cleanse and stimulate the heart chakra bringing openness and acceptance in the intellectual pursuit of matters of love and relationships. May aid in the maintenance of tissue regeneration, heart, muscles, glandular systems imbalances and stress.



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