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Stranger Danger & Safety Playing It Safe Formatted to educate and keep them alert to strangers and other unwanted influences. Join two Super Heroes as they teach children how to be alert and what to do if they are threatened or accosted by strangers or people they know. CD Run Time 45 Minutes

Teach Your Child to Be Safe, Aware & Stay Away From Danger

On this positive children’s bed time story your child will join two super heroes as they teach him or her how to be alert and what to do if they are threatened or accosted by strangers or even people they do know. This story will introduce your child to some very important basic prevention measures as well as how to react if they do get into trouble.

By using this audio program, the child becomes more aware of what a stranger is and how not to be manipulated by them. As the old saying goes “it is always better to be safe then sorry“. This could not stand more true then when it comes to our children and their personal safety. It will teach them to be confident within themselves as lack of self confidence and esteem is often like opening a door to strangers and dangerous situations. They will learn to always ‘stick to their guns‘ and follow some basic rules that could at times even save their life.

This story directly educates children to:

  • Never talk to a stranger
  • Never go out on their own
  • Always be around places where there are lots of people
  • If they get in trouble always go to a policeman or woman
  • If they are worried about somebody, always go and ask an adult
  • Never answer the door at home if they are on their own
  • Remember and learn the emergency phone number
  • Never get into a strangers car
  • Never take anything from a stranger
  • No matter how nice a stranger is do not believe what they say

This truly is a MUST for every parent to teach their child

A sad but true fact is that the world is not as safe as it used to be and there are many bad people out there. As such, it is imperative that our youth be educated about this and what to do and what not to do in a danger situation.

To use this program simply play it every night just before your child goes to sleep or during the day. Use it at least once a day for 6 to 8 weeks with every 7th day allocated as a ‘break day’ where they do not have to use the recording.

Children love listening to this story, and with repeated use, the positive metaphorical messages will make them become less inclined to get into trouble and know how to react if they do happen to come across a bad situation.