Rick Collingwood – Ultimate Triathelete

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Heightens your powers of perception and sharpens your physical performance through powerful sports psychology techniques such as visulisation and positive affirmations. CD Run Time 54 Minutes

Powerful Sports Hypnosis for Triathletes

This sports hypnosis CD program heightens your powers of perception and sharpens your physical performance through powerful sports hypnosis techniques such as visualization & positive affirmation specifically for triathletes.

It will help go harder, longer and faster by giving you the mental power to keep pushing on. The triathlon is a particularly mentally demanding sport. For this reason self hypnosis is perfect to bring out the best in you mentally. It will truly give you an unstoppable edge over your competitors and allow you to become the best triathlete you can be.

Of course if you have never been a triathlete before, this CD will not automatically make you become a super star overnight. What it will do is bring out the best that you have to offer physically and mentally and allow you to enhance your overall abilities as an athlete.

Contained on this CD is a powerful spoken hypnotic script by one of the world’s leading hypnotherapists; Rick Collingwood, trance inducing Neurosonic Frequencies and positive subliminal messages. This is a professionally desinged clinical hypnosis session that has proven time and time again to give many triathletes the competitive edge to win races!

Josh Horowitz – “As an elite athlete and coach, I first became interested in sports psychology after a series of bad crashes nearly ending my cycling career. I had the right equipment, had done all the right training but something was keeping me from reaching my full potential. After some research, I learned the missing piece of the puzzle was my mental game. After exploring various sports psychology techniques I eventually hooked up with Dr Rick Collingwood and his unique style of hypnosis and psychology. Our first CD, The Ultimate Cyclist was a huge success with pro racers and recreational riders alike and it was only atural that after cycling, we would target another sport that requires intense focus, concentration and motivation.

After consulting with experts from around the world, Rick and I designed this latest CD specifically for Triathletes to help them overcome the most common mental blocks that keep them from finding success. The Ultimate Triathlete will improve your motivation, relaxation and enjoyment and help you to visualise your objectives and thus achieve them. Every morning you will get out of bed with energy and confidence. You will have more focus and motivation and thus move faster towards meeting your goals whatever they may be.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Since the principals outlined in the Ultimate Triathlete apply to just about every aspect of your life, you will find yourself exuding confidence, energy and optimism in everything you do. Good luck and be sure to keep me updated with your results.”

Josh Horowitz is an elite level bicycle racer and a certified personal trainer and USAC licensed cycling coach. Josh has more than 15 years experience competing at the highest level all over the world.