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Heightens your Powers of Perception and sharpens your physical performance through powerful sports psychology techniques such as visualisation and positive affirmations. This is a professionally guided sports psychology session by Rick Collingwood. Cd Run Time 56 Minutes

Enhance Your Fitness Level With Hypnosis

Designed for athletes or anybody else really who wants to improve their general level of fitness. This self hypnosis program provides the means and the motivation to achieve your fitness goals easily and realistically. This CD will help you to become motivated towards physical activity and to help the mind control the body to achieve more out of your daily exercise and fitness routines.

It will also help you capture the power of your mind to automatically make better conscious decisions about exercisizing and to give you the ability to push harder towards your goals. This works both through the mind and the body, so that you approach improving your fitness on a much more holistic level.

Josh Horowitz – “As an elite athlete and coach, I first became interested in sports psychology after a series of bad crashes nearly ending my cycling career. I had the right equipment, had done all the right training but something was keeping me from reaching my full potential. After some research, I learned the missing piece of the puzzle was my mental game. After exploring various sports psychology techniques I eventually hooked up with Dr Rick Collingwood and his unique style of hypnosis and psychology. The first CD, The Ultimate Cyclist was a huge success with pro racers and recreational riders alike.

I figured if this format could work to improve the performance and focus of elite athletes, it could also do wonders for someone who is simply looking to improve their fitness.

Coming from a background in personal training, I knew that for many people the biggest obstacle keeping them from reaching their goals lay within their own minds. If my clients couldn’t visualise success, they couldn’t achieve it. Ultimate Fitness will give you more motivation and more enjoyment when you exercise. You will get out of bed with more energy and actually find yourself looking forward to you workout. You will be motivated to work harder, push through the pain and move faster towards your exercise and fitness goals whatever they may be.

But the benefits don’t stop there. Since the principals outlined in Ultimate Fitness apply to just about aspect of your life, you will find yourself exuding confidence, energy and optimism in everything you do.”

Josh Horowitz is an elite level bicycle racer and a certified personal trainer and USAC licensed cycling coach. Josh has more than 15 years experience competing at the highest level all over the world.