Rick Collingwood – The Ultimate Cyclist

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Heightens your powers of perception and sharpens your physical performance through powerful sports hypnosis techniques such as visulisation and positive affirmation. This CD has been specifically designed for cycling. CD Run Time 56 Minutes

Sports Hypnosis To Improve Your Cycling

This program heightens your powers of perception and sharpens your physical performance through powerful sports hypnosis techniques such as visualizations and positive affirmations. It is designed for all cyclists, whether you are at a competitive or recreational level.

Hypnosis can sharpen the performance for any given sport, particularly for cycling. This is because there is a large degree of mental strength needed to become a successful cyclist to push for that extra lap, mile or to simply follow through with your race plan. Train your mind to safely push past the boundaries of pain in the next important meet and to get a ‘second wind’ so you go longer and harder.

This recording is also designed to assist with your cycling training program and to help you identify your goals and to do your best to achieve them. The best indication of the effectiveness of this CD program is from Levi Leipheimer, Olympic Medalist Cyclist:

“Since winning the 2007 Tour of California, the Ultimate Cyclist has become an indispensable part of my training arsenal. It has dramatically improved my focus, motivation and confidence. I recommend it to anyone looking to improve their mental game.” – Levi Leipheimer – Three Time Tour of California winner and Olympic Bronze Medalist

In fact this hypnosis program has been used and endorsed by many of the world’s leading professional cyclists. It is undoubtedly the most effective sports hypnosis for cycling on the market. Here is what a few professional cyclists have to say about the CD:

“Time trialing is very much a mental game. The Ultimate Cyclist helped me keep self doubt at bay and stay completely focused on pushing my body to its limit during the US National Time Trial Championships.” – Chris Baldwin, two time National Time Trial Champion

At Superweek, The Ultimate Cyclist CD helped me relax and concentrate between stages enabling me go on to win the Sprint Competition.” – Hayden Godfrey, World Champion and 11 Time NZ National Champion

“I have been listening to the CD and like it. I would like to think I’ve always been strong mentally, but I found I was “sharper” or reacted better after listening to the CD. I hardly ever found myself questioning whether I should do something, I just did it or didn’t; covered a move or not. I was much more decisive. I find more than anything, it really relaxes me and helps put me to sleep.”Chad Hartley TIAA – CREF Pro Cycling Team, 2005 US National Madison Champion

“The Ultimate Cyclist CD has given me the clarity and focus to perform at the highest level. I would recommend the CD to anyone seeking the mental edge to reach their goals in cycling.”Kirk Albers. Captain, Jelly Belly-PoolGel Professional Cycling Team

Josh Horowitz – “After a horrible crash at the Redlands Classic that destroyed my confidence and nearly ended my cycling career, I pursued many different methods of sports psychology to restore my enjoyment of bike racing. I used a variety of techniques that seemed to work but found that the easiest and most effective were Dr Rick Collingwood’s CD’s which I fell asleep listening to every night. After a month, I found that not only was I experiencing improved cycling performance, but also increased motivation and focus in all aspects of my life.

However, after an exhausting search, I could not find one CD out there that addressed the specific needs of the cyclist. Working together, Rick and I designed this CD to improve, what I believe are the three most important factors for success in this sport, no matter what level you are at. Relaxation. Focus. Motivation.

As your perspective on cycling and life changes with the use of this CD, you will gain an ability to ‘see the big picture’ like you’ve never seen it before. Reaction time will improve, quick decisions will become easier and clearer and you will find yourself in ‘the zone’ more and more often. Good luck and I look forward to hearing your success stories.”

Josh Horowitz is an active category 1 racer and USAC licensed coach. Josh has more than 15 years of racing experience and has competed all over the world.

If you are a professional cyclist or simply want to take your recreational cycling passion to the next level, you simply can not go past this CD. Time and time again it has proven to be the most effective sports hypnosis and motivation product for cyclists all over the world.