Rick Collingwood – Super Selling / Sales Motivation

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Created to help those in the sales professions achieve more sales by remaining positively motivated and confident in all of their endeavours. This self hypnosis CD is designed to assist you to stick to your goals and your chosen targets and to succeed in your professional and financial aspirations. CD Run TIme 55 minutes

Hypnosis Designed to Help You Improve Your Sales

This CD is useful to enhance your communication skills, so that you can become more dynamic and confident around people, especially potential business clients. It will also give you the drive to go that extra mile to become successful in your chosen field. Hypnosis is a powerful way to help you become a better sales person because it initiates positive change on so many different levels:

  • Teaching you how to control your emotions
  • Master your ability to communicate effectively with all types of people
  • Handle rejection so that you can move forward easily without negativity
  • Become driven, confident and dynamic – ready for Success!

This CD is not just for salespersons – it is for anybody who wishes to excel in any social environment and ‘sell themselves’, a fundamental principle of all human interaction.

This audio program also teaches you to use the Law of Attraction. Combined with the powerful subliminals and spoken hypnotic element, it is a perfect tool to get your mindset geared towards success in business. It will help you develop an unstoppable power or drive to succeed as an employee or to further your own business.

Simply use this CD every night for 6-8 weeks and you will soon automatically become more aware, driven and focussed on achieving your career goals. Many sales staff had success using this program to help them achieve higher commissions and bonuses. In fact, one lady from Arbonne International, a large US company, used this CD and within 3 months won the top sales award for her region. The award was a Mercedes Benz car. The only thing she said she had done differently from the previous 15 years she had worked with the company without achieving any sales awards was to use this CD. Amazing!