Rick Collingwood – Power Nap

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Achieve deep relaxation quickly and easily with this Self Hypnosis CD to finish feeling refreshed and awake. Perfect for people with busy lifestyles. Cd Run Time 41 Minutes

Powerful Hypnosis Session for a Quick Power Nap!

This CD is great when you have 30 minutes quiet time during the day to sit back, relax and listen and enjoy a hypnotic power nap before going back to your daily activities or work feeling super refreshed! It is perfect for professionals and anyone who has a busy lifestyle and needs a powerful relaxation session. It will help give you the same feeling as when you awake after a great sleep.

Nothing can replace a proper good night’s sleep but often it is just not possible to get your recommended 8 hours. If you are busy and suffer from lack of sleep then this recording will help you maximize the time you have for sleep by inducing a deep state of relaxation quickly. It will help bring about increased Rapid Eye Movement (REM’s) in a shorter time to help you maximize the time you have to sleep or revitalize. Most people use this program during their lunch break at work or when they wake up in the morning to prepare for a busy day after minimal sleep.

This self hypnosis program is proven to assist if you suffer from:

  • Limited Sleep Time
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Shift Work or Broken Sleep Patterns
  • Realign your Body Clock
  • Relieve Stress and Anxiety
  • Help Increase Focus and Clarity During the Day
  • Realign, revitalize and re energize during the day

Contained in the script of this hypnotherapy recording is a post hypnotic suggestion utilizing a fist clench to immediately give you a burst of energy when you are feeling flat. Simply put, this is effective way to get an energy boost when you are having a long and tiresome day whenever and wherever you want to.

So if you are feeling flat and tired during the day, this CD is the perfect ‘pick me up’.