Rick Collingwood – Post Traumatic Stess Disorder & Anxiety


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This very powerful Self Hypnosis CD is formatted to help in minimising the negative emotional effects of anxiety and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. This CD can also be used for any form of serious stress or anxiety disorder with fantastic results. CD Run Time 60 Minutes

Alleviate the Effects of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder & Anxiety

This self hypnosis CD shows how, when you don’t live up to your own values, you begin to doubt your beliefs and your right to regain self worth. It enables you to realise that this guilt and fear is an illusion and that our self worth comes from deep within ourselves, not from our actions. The “PTSD and Anxiety” hypnosis CD shows how Illusions of the world not loving you are shown to be the products of your own attitudinal habits of guilt and fear. The CD changes your attitude to a new positive and rational way of thinking, creating a new positive and happy future, leaving all your past issues in the past. After listening to this powerful self hypnosis CD, you will feel much stronger. Your burdens will be gone.

This program is particularly useful if you experience:

  • High levels of stress and anxiety
  • Sleeping/insomnia issues
  • Over thinking or over analyzing things too much
  • Stress related to a traumatic experience
  • Connect with your subconscious mind through deep relaxation
  • Achieve the Theta state of mind easily

The benefits of deep relaxation on a consistent basis are scientifically proven to make you physically healthier and emotionally stronger and reduce stress. This CD if used everyday, will introduce these positive benefits into your lifestyle, to ensure that stress and anxiety problems are a thing of the past, and you can move forward to becoming a more successful and happy person! Don’t let stress drag your life down – take action and try this amazing product today!