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This self hypnosis CD works brilliantly in conjunction with the Mind Body Healing hypnosis CD as it may assist in all aspects of physical and mental pain. It uses gentle hypnosis to train your subconscious mind to ease physical pain. This CD has been specifically designed to ease pains of the back, fybromyalgia and physical pain while fast tracking the body to recovery. Begin to live your life again. CD Run TIme 65 minutes 20 seconds

Hypnosis for Effective Pain Management

This self hypnosis program is suitable for any type of pain – from back pain, to fibromyalgia to arthritic pain. It works on 2 levels:

1. To calm and relax the mind and create an ‘off switch’ to reduce pain levels 2. To activate the mind body connection to help alleviate the pain receptors to a more controlled level

Using this CD program can significantly assist in immediately reducing pain just by entering into the deeply relaxing hypnotic trance which will help distract any pain that you are suffering from. Deep relaxation allows you to emotionally dissipate any pain that you are experiencing by helping to make you calmer, more relaxed and genuinely more comfortable overall.

With repeated use over the recommended 8 weeks for this program, the aim is to create a new pattern on the deepest of levels within your mind for dealing with pain. It has helped many people to manage pain and live with a more comfortable life on a daily basis. It is completely safe, proven to be effective and a natural and non invasive alternative to managing physcial pain.

This CD has proven to be highly effective to help improve the quality of life by reducing physical pain for cancer patients. In saying this, it is 100% suitable for all types of illnesses and the subsequent pain from the illness and also the treatment. A little bit of comfort goes a long way when it comes to living with a painful condition. If this program helps make your life easier, which it has done for hundreds of other people already, then we are grateful that we have been able to help you.