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Perfect for students as well as those who just have trouble remembering basic things that come naturally to most people. By influencing the subconscious, this Self Hypnosis CD teaches the brain to remember facts it normally wouldn’t, including names, dates and phone numbers. Not only enhances memory retention but also deals with underlying issues related to memory. A person whose memory might suffer due to past experiences can benefit from this Self Hypnosis CD as it may give them a better understanding of the past experience. A good CD for public speakers. CD Run Time 48 minutes 3 seconds

Hypnosis to Help Improve Your Memory

This program is designed to enhance your ability to retain and recall information to improve your memory capacity. It does so through direct subconscious suggestion to enhance communication channels and also by eliminating any negative connotations between what you hear or read and what you remember of these.

This audio CD is perfect for students, people with a failing memory or even for Alzheimer or Dementia sufferers. In fact, such is the power of this program, we have received a great deal of feedback from people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia who have noticed significant improvements by using it.

Often (with the exception of medically diagnosed conditions), failing memory can be attributed to deep seeded emotional patterns created over many years where people have built up a resistance to learning new things because they have thought or been told too many times that they are ‘dumb’ or ‘stupid’. This often leads to building a barrier that eventually effects the memory ability of the individual because they simply develop an attitude that no matter how hard they try, they will never remember things.

This is where hypnotherapy is truly effective because it helps release all these negative associations and replaces them with a more confident pattern that embraces learning and remembering what you learn. It will help you to control any negative emotions that prevent you from remembering certain things because, ultimately, if we have enough bad experiences, our mind will actually begin to ‘block out’ these memories as a self protection mechanism. This is indicative of the power of the mind to suppress memories and the ability to remember.

This program will also help you identify the ways that you will remember things the best. For example it will promote you to listen better if your an ‘auditory‘ personality type, or to develop visual imagery and associations if you are a ‘visual‘ type of person or to associate information you learn to a certain feeling or sensual experience if you are ‘kinesthetic‘ personality.

On a deeper level, this program also utilizes the powerful ability of hypnosis to positively affect the inner workings of the mind. This is done through direct suggestion that tells the mind to find new and better ways of processing and remembering information. It helps align the right and left sides of the brain as well as promote a more efficient flow of information from the subconscious where our long term memories are stored to the conscious mind where we are able to bring to awareness the different things that are stored in our memory banks.

This self hypnosis program is perfect if you are a student and wish to maximize your memory capacity to help with your exams and general knowledge. Even if you consider yourself to have a good memory, this program will still give you the extra edge to improve your studies and make more efficient use of your time spent studying.

The human mind is an amazing piece of biological machinery. Like most machines it does require a little bit of servicing every now and again. The Memory Improvement hypnosis program is much like a service for your mind to ensure that it runs efficiently, quickly and at it’s full potential.