Rick Collingwood – Love Peace and Harmony

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Create a greater sense of love, harmony and peace in all aspects of your life with this Self Hypnosis CD. This new found sense of worth will help with relationships, self esteem, happiness and give you a new lease on life. Wake up every morning feeling happy, content and at peace. CD Run Time 55 Minutes

Hypnosis for Love, Peace & Harmony

This program will help you to create harmony in your life and to learn that YOU are the most important person in your life. It is useful to alleviate depression, negative thinking and low self-esteem issues. By targeting the emotional mind this CD will allow you to reinforce a more positive way in thinking which will flow across your everyday life more easily and without having to consistently challenge yourself to do so. It will become natural for you to love yourself more and to embrace and create more meaningful relationships with the people in your life. It will also help you to accept other people more and to not judge them, and more importantly – to not constantly judge yourself when you know that you are doing your best.

Rick Collingwood’s Love, Harmony & Peace Self Hypnosis CD is a great companion CD for just about every title in this range. It assists in regaining self confidence, personal happiness and a fantastic feeling of pure inner peace. Ultimately it gives the listener the balanced emotional strength to control their lives.