Rick Collingwood – Loss, Grief and Depression


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This self hypnosis CD has the ability to help us deal with the negative emotional effects and feelings that can consume us when we experience loss, deal with grief or suffer from depression. Especially effective for helping overcome the death or separation of loved ones and also a fantastic CD to help anyone who suffers from severe cases of depression. CD Run Time 56 Minutes

Hypnosis can Help You Overcome Depression

Depression is a serious problem for millions of people – but it does not have to be this way. Hypnosis is particularly useful to target the underlying thought process and mental patterns that cause us to feel sad, depressed, lost or in grief. This CD is proven to greatly assist in turning these negative patterns around by replacing them with more positive thought processes, decisions and ultimately a happier outcome.

This self hypnosis CD is suitable for all types of depression, however it is particularly useful if you have lost someone or something that was a major part of your life and you feel that your sadness is stemming from this. It will help you come to terms with the fact they are gone and also to assist in the grieving process and to let go. It will help you find other reasons and things in your life that will help you replace what you have lost in the best way that you can.

Depression is a mental illness, it is represented by a miscommunication between the different parts of the brain and this causes conscious thoughts to be overwhelmed with sadness, lack of motivation and tiredness. By using this hypnosis CD you will be able to realign these connections to provide for happier and more motivated emotions that will allow you to release yourself from the depths of depression and start living a more happy and normal life.