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Rick Collingwood has held trials with Cancer patients to measure the effectiveness of Hypnosis. Click HERE to view the results

This CD along with the Mind Body Healing CD is a must for any cancer sufferer to improve the quality of their life.

This Self Hypnosis CD contains advanced hypnosis techniques used in the cancer trail for the relief of the symptoms of cancer including pain, nausea, depression and medication side affects, it can be used in conjunction with the

Hypnosis To Improve the Quality of Life for Cancer Patients

As a hypnotist, Rick Collingwood is considered one of the world’s leading hypnosis and cancer specialists and he has devoted a great part of his career to help make living with cancer easier.

Although this program is not intended to cure cancer, it has been proven to help alleviate the side effects and boost the fighting spirit of the patient to help manage the disease with greater personal comfort.

In 2005 Rick conducted one of the world’s first hypnosis and cancer trial. The results from this were astonishing and paved the way for more specialist treatment to help assist all types of cancer. The use of this CD is suitable for all the different types of cancer and has been designed to help alleviate all the common side effects of the disease such as nausea, insomnia, fatigue, chronic pain and depression.

This hypnosis program takes a holistic approach, focusing not only on the mind and emotions but also on the mind body connection. It utilizes a powerful style of clinical hypnotherapy developed by Rick Collingwood called Advanced Mind Dynamics. As a specialist trainer of this form of hypnosis which Rick Collingwood created specifically for cancer, he has now trained many other hypnotherapists in this discipline. If you are seeking a professional practitioner of this specialist therapy, then please visit our Advanced Mind Dynamics practitioner directory.

Alternatively, persistent use of this CD program has shown many successful outcomes with all types of cancer patients.