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Politeness & Manners Ceasing Selfishness & Sharing A story of Charlie the rude naughty boy and his puppy dog Max and how they learned to have more fun by being nicer to other people. CD Run Time 44 Minutes 51 Seconds

Help Children Become More Polite & Well Behaved

This story is designed to help children become more polite, well behaved and improve their manners too. It is also highly applicable to help ADD and ADHD.

This is achieved through a metaphorical spoken story about a little boy called Charlie who everyone thought was terrible but in fact was not. The story follows his journey of transformation from misunderstood bad behaviour to a well rounded and well behaved young boy.

Charlie began as a naughty boy who would not clean his room, disobeyed orders, was loud, foul mouthed and generally rude. By the end of the story Charlie found that if he was more respectful and polite that he would actually get more out of life.

What turned Charlie around was when he got given a little puppy called Max. Just like Charlie, Max was a naughty puppy, he did all sorts of bad things. Charlie did not know why Max did all these things until he realised that Max was naughty because he followed what Charlie did. This made Charlie take a good look at how he behaved because he did not want other people to think of him like they thought of Max when he was being bad.

This CD has a solid foundation that teaches this to any child through a positive, fun and exciting story with a good message. It is perfect for any child who:

  • Is rude and obnoxious
  • Misbehaves all the time
  • Seeks negative attention rather then positive attention
  • Has ADD or ADHD and wants to learn control
  • Completely disregards orders and rules
  • Is generally not very well behaved

Of course part of being an infant is to test the boundaries of authority, however some children just take this way too far and break all the rules. This CD is designed for children who do this and to help bring them back into line. It does this by:

1. Making them realise that what they are doing and how the are acting is wrong 2. Teaching them, through their own ways, to think more about how they act and react more positively

The predominant way this is achieved is by making the child realise and understand that they will actually receive more attention, fun and friends when they choose to be well behaved instead of mischievous. This misunderstanding can actually be a major reason why children misbehave in the first place.

From a young age many children associate misbehaving and crying with attention. This is because a Mother’s natural instinct to a crying baby is to hold them, hug them and give them food. From a young age this enforces to the child that misbehaviour equals reward.

To use this program simply play it every night as your child goes to sleep or during the day. Use it at least once a day for 6 to 8 weeks with every 7th day allocated as a ‘break day’ where they do not have to use the recording.

Children love listening to this story, and with repeated use, the positive metaphorical messages will make them better behaved, have more respect for adults and become more polite.