Oasis of the Light – Light Body Meditation CD

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Oasis Of Inner Light

Light Body Meditation CD

by Leanne Phillips & Suzanne Hibbs

Cover Reads: Welcome to the realm of light workers. This meditation may assist you with your out of body experiences as you use it to consciously Astral travel using your light body or what may be known to you as your etheric body.

About Oasis Of Inner Light by Mietha

“We come from a place that says we are all born and die equal, believing that life and all it’s gifts are limitless and that everyone without exclusion can achieve all things if they choose to.

Providing an extensive range of products and services, we realise that everyone’s needs are different, and that there are many modalities along the Psychic and Metaphysical pathways. It is for this reason we are guided by spirit to this place in life, spirit has expressed to us that the world needs places where all walks of life truly meld together as one. This is our gift to you, and one of our purposes in this life. We encourage you to be All that you can be, by awakening the sleeping spirit inside of you, and allowing yourself to truly look, listen and learn.

We are simultaneously student and teacher, hence it is our life’s journey to learn as well as we teach, for this is true balance. Here at Oasis of Inner Light we live to learn, and to move ever closer to our divine heritage. “Stand up and be counted, Own Your Divinity”


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Leanne Phillips – Oasis of Inner Light

I am an Aboriginal Spirit Healer, my country is the Bundjalung Language Nation (Minjungbal People), Northern New South Wales my affinity is with the mountains surrounding this picturesque piece of Australia this is my place to refocus and re-energise connecting with Spirit.

I have been a Healer, Medium and Clairvoyant for over 20 years having National and International clients and I have worked with Spirit for the entirety of my life developing and honing my skills. My Spiritual name is Mietha given to me by Spirit in meditation it resonates to the number 11 which is a spiritual power number, I do all of my spiritual work under this name.

I am the Founder and Director of Wholistic Lifestyle Company Oasis of Inner Light. First and foremost I lead in my personal and business life through Integrity, Respect, Equality, Honesty and Love; I come from a place that says we are all born and die equal, believing that life and all its gifts are limitless and that everyone can achieve all things if they choose to. It is my life’s work to develop the infrastructure needed to implement healing modalities and models that will work with and for our Aboriginal peoples. I write and facilitate a diverse variety of main stream and alternative programs, courses, workshop, and seminars through Oasis of Inner Light (Leadership Program, Colour and Sound Journey workshop, Guided Meditation Cd’s, Meditation courses, Holistic Lifestyle seminars, Holistic Lifestyle business model etc.)

I travel to where ever healing is needed be it in the etheric body or the physical, and I am blessed along the way with meeting wonderful folk on their path, I love to sit and share experiences and learn from everyone I meet. Spirit also sings through me the healing vibration of creation energy they call it the Language, Spirit bypasses your humanness and sings directly to the place where your Soul and DNA co-exists, balancing, healing, nurturing, and rejuvenating you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually connecting you to the magnificent omnipotence of creation.

Brethnae is the brilliance behind the musical masterpieces that are the backing to our uniquely Australian meditations. All of the meditations are imprinted with the energy of Spirit, when the recording takes place it is all channeled by spirit.

Have a blessed life….. Mietha Bringing the Dreaming into the New Millennium Embracing Difference