No More Bed Wetting


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No More Bed Wetting – Children’s Hypnosis Stories. By Tania Cotterell

This Cd is formatted with metaphorical hypnotic stories that are layered with frequencies to make the mind receptive to positive and helpful suggestions. They are 100% safe and extremely effective. Simply play it quietly at night as your child drifts off to sleep. CD Run Time 50 minutes

A Children’s Story to Stop Bedwetting

This special sleep story directly targets any underlying issues and emotions that cause bed wetting and helps your child move beyod these with a positive metaphorical story. This recording contains a gentle spoken hypnotic story and relaxing musical frequencies to ensure maximum effectiveness for all children aged between 3 to 11.

Simple, yet extremely effective hypnosis techniques, designed for young children to understand and move beyond wetting the bed.

Your child will be given instructions to wake up in the middle of the night when he or she senses the feelings of needing to go to the toilet. Your child will then go to the toilet and return to a dry bed. Your child will also be very happy waking to a dry bed in the morning. Most likely, mum will too!!