Listening Earth 5 by Andrew Skeoch – Streams & Waterfalls


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Streams & Waterfalls Sit by a pure mountain stream as it flows through the depths of an evergreen rainforest. Crystal clear waters gurgle over smooth pebbles and tumble over small cascades, while birdsong echoes from the surrounding forest. Total CD Runtime is 61.24

Natural Listening for Natural Living by Listening Earth

Everyday Listening – Many people enjoy playing these recordings as ambience or background. This is a very soothing way of listening, and assists you to create a natural environment in your home or workplace. We suggest setting volume levels at either a realistic level or quieter. This recording can also lead you into a deep state of relaxation or meditation. Put some time aside without distractions and allow yourself to listen closely. Headphones are ideal as you will be surrounded with sounds as in nature. The more deeply you listen the more you will hear. Not only will nature’s gentle rhythms and frequencies calm you, but you will find yourself effortlessly entering that attentive and focused state of mind that is known in meditation.