Guided Meditation for Jealousy Release

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Deb Webber – ‘Love of Oneness’ Guided Meditation to release the emotions of Jealousy within.

By using these CD’s you will enter into a deepened meditative state, therefor it is recommended not to use these CD’s whilst driving a vehicle, handling machinery or any other activity that requires your full undivided attention for safety’s sake.

The best way to use these CD’s or any other CD’s on this site is in a quiet, safe and relaxing place without any disturbances.

Deb Webber Guided Meditation CD’s

Leading Metaphysical Researcher

Deb Webber

Deb has been communicating with collective energies from a very young age. She is now an internationally acclaimed Metaphysical Researcher, Physic, Author and Television Star. Deb stars in the award winning, reality TV Series ‘Sensing Murder’ hosted by Rebecca Gibney, which has won the ‘Best Reality Format’ Award at the New Zealand Qantas Awards. Deb is also a weekly columnist contributor for ‘Woman’s Day’ magazine in Australia and New Zealand. Her column “Life after Deb”, has produced very strong evidence and insight into life after death. Deb has also been a featured guest on many other TV and Radio shows in Australia and abroad including the “Conversations with Robyn” show.

Guided Meditation CD’s to raise your vibrations above the emotions

All emotions are carried in the energy field and incorporated into our physical body and become a realisation and function in our life. On these CD’s, Deb will guide you through a technique that she has used successfully for 15 years, to help you raise your vibrations above the depths of negative emotions and feelings. Each negative emotion and feeling that we hold within us release one way or another in our behaviours actions and reactions. By using these powerful CD’s to release each emotion you will feel happy and renewed within yourself and be able to move forward in life without your past emotions holding you back.