Bright Beginnings Away With The Stars

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Away With the Stars

Infant Music for sleep & quiet time. This CD uses favourite lullabies and relaxing classical music designed to promote a quicker, deeper sleep. Also contains constant heart beat which further encourages an easy sleep transition and state of relaxation

This special range of music for babies and toddlers is designed to promote and enhance their development. By Combining carefully chosen classical music, lullabies and well known children’s songs, combining them with neurosonic frequencies, designed by Rick Collingwood, and adding natural sounds such as a Mother’s heart beat, this series is extremely effective.

Music and Infants

It is commonly accepted and also scientifically proven that the correct choice of music and sounds can greatly assist in the positive development of any infant. This series of CD’s has been designed through extensive research, development and testing to ensure the most effective results.

About the Neurosonic Frequencies on these CD’s

Rick Collingwood is one of the world’s leading clinical hypnotherapists.His specially designed Neurosonic Frequencies TM included on these CD’s are also prevalent in all of his award winning and top selling hypnotherapy range of CD’s. They are clinically proven to promote and enhance deep relaxation as well as improve concentration and focus. They are completely effective and safe to use with children of any age. Rick’s Child Calm ADD & ADHD CD uses these frequencies and has been clinically proven to dramatically reduce and alleviate the symptoms of these conditions in children. The frequencies combine a special theta rhythm with constant F sharp frequency and are played at a low volume throughout the recording.