Beating The Bully


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Beating The Bully Enhances Confidence and Lose Fear of Bullies Join Roger the Rabbit as he learns why he shouldn’t be a bully and what to do if he is being bullied by others. CD Run Time 44 Minutes

A Positive Story For Bullied Children

This fun and interesting bedtime story will give your child 12 different ways on how to effectively deal with bullies. It promotes awareness about bullies and the best ways to react to them by not engaging and finding a responsible person to report them to. This program will teach your child true life skills that can be used in everyday life by helping them cope with conflict situations, interacting with other people and most importantly, the power to adapt to any given situation. Such skills will last with your child forever. Bullying at school has now reached epidemic proportions, not to mention the new forms of bullying including cyber bullying, social alienation, intimidation and even indirect bullying. This positive story will give your child the right tools and mental approach to deal with all these types of bullying. This is because in essence every bully is coming from the same emotional place. By understanding what motivates the bully it is possible to move beyond their subsequent actions. This is the true key. The symptoms of bullying include depression, fear and other unwanted negative emotions. This story will help detach your child from these fears and turn them into positive actions to overcome the source of the problem safely and sensibly. This is a great metaphorical story with mild hypnosis technique that can be used during quiet times during the day or at bedtime. Use this recording daily for a minimum of 6 – 8 weeks for maximum benefits. It is suitable for children aged between 2 to 13.