Opal Polished Stone


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1 x polished stone comes in gift pouch with stone information.

Delicate stone with fine vibration. It enhances consciousness and induces physic and mystical visions. It aids in accessing and expressing ones true self. Known as a karmic stone, teaching that what you put out comes back. When properly programmed it can make the user unnoticeable or ‘invisible’. It can be used when venturing into dangerous places where stealth is required. It can bring out clean true and spontaneous actions, enhancing that which one is feeling and release inhibitions. Can be used to instill faithfulness and loyalty with respect to love, personal affiliations and business relationships.

Aids in the maintenance of infections, kidneys, purifying the blood, regulate insulin, fevers and circulatory functions. Said to assist in recovery from Parkinson’s dis-ease and provide comfort and ease during child birth.