Natural Australian Apophyllite


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Natural Australian Apophyllite

From Broken Hill Area NSW

Length 12cm Height 5cm Depth 6cm Weight 324 grams


Apophyllite is a crystal that is high in energy and great to facilitate connection and insight to the spirit world. When placed on the third eye it enhances clairvoyance and vision. This is a beautiful stone to use when meditating for higher connection or connecting with your guardian angels, spirits and your guides. Apophyllite is also considered a stone that lends protection from fire and those working with or fighting fire. Apophyllite is used to help one see the truth and then act on it. It brings a mindfulness in analyzing truth in a way that assist in acting upon it in a beneficial manner. Apophyllite is used for tired or stressed eyes by placing on the eyelids. It may aid in respiratory problems, stopping asthma attacks, allergies, and health of mucus membranes and skin


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