Basic Crystal Course




Dates for 2020
Saturday 15th August
Saturday 21st November

Duration: 3 hours     12pm – 3pm

Includes Course Manual and Certificate of Completion

Our basic crystal healing course will give you an introduction to the wonderful world of mother natures beautiful creations-the crystals. In the basic crystal healing course we will teach you the basics on how to cleanse, energise and recharge all of your crystals so they can work to their fullest potential with you. We will also explain which ones are best for different purposes which will all be included in your workbook that you can take home with you for later reference. You will learn about the chakras and which crystals are good for each one and how to program your crystals so they can help you with specific purpose. You will learn how to do your own crystal healing as well as healings for others. You will be taught how to use your crystals for grounding and how to clear your charkras with the use of your crystals.

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Basic Crystal Course

Saturday 21st November


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