Self Hypnotism and Its Varied Uses for The Mind

Despite being recognised by health professionals and psychotherapists alike, hypnotism is not practiced widely in Australia. On first thought, many may consider it the trick of a magician and nothing more. However, in reality it is something much more than that and if used correctly, can have a powerful positive influence on the mind and body.Learning the art of self hypnotism – which is quite similar to meditation – requires some levels of patience and effort but it is something well worth committing time to.

What is self hypnotism?

A fact that may surprise you is that you’ve probably experienced something very similar to hypnosis numerous times in your life. We all have moment when we completely ‘zone out’ of what’s going on around us, where we are, or even what we’re thinking about. It commonly happens when we are in the presence of quiet, natural and somehow repetitive movements – staring into the crackling flames of a fire or the wind moving tree branches above may induce this state.

Essentially, self hypnosis is taking yourself to this state and beyond this state at will. It’s about training your mind to fall into a state of utter relaxation of the mind, and it has numerous health benefits. You can reach to that relaxing state by using hypnosis CDs. Well, this is obliviously not the only way but yeah, the best and easiest way indeed.

Debunking the myths

Studies suggest in contrary to what we see in movies, books and other forms of fiction, hypnosis is something that comes over us only if we let it. You may be used to the character of a villain using hypnosis to influence people and have them do what he wishes, however this is largely a fictional narrative. Hypnotists can assist in the process but their efforts are of no value unless the patient puts him or herself in a certain relaxed state of mind. You can use the smart art of self hypnosis to achieve your goals and live a happy life.

Benefits of hypnosis

Much like is the case with meditation, self hypnosis has a range of benefits that can differ from person to person. Ultimately, the mind benefits greatly from taking time out and resting, much like the body does. The potential to help mental health issue through meditation and hypnosis should not be underestimated, and there are a range of physical benefits that have been linked with this practice, often a result of an improved and cleaner mind. Here is a short benefit list for you:

– Reduced anxiety and depression
– Improved concentration and memory
– Helps insomnia and sleeping problems
– Improve symptoms of epilepsy
– Helps with migraine headaches
– Helps with self-esteem issues
– Relaxes the body
– Rejuvenation of energy
– Encourages positive thinking

As you can see, there is good reason to invest some time into exploring self hypnosis and finding out what it can do for you personally. In the coming months, we’ll be exploring methods for achieving self hypnotism and more about this often under appreciated form of relaxation.