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With this eBook it will give you insight into ways to improve your life with positive attitude to move forward on your journey.

Learn how to utilise the abilities of your subconscious mind with a strong mental attitude. All the handy tips are in this book.

 There is an invisible talisman (mental attitude) that has 2 amazing powers: it has the power to draw in wealth, success, happiness and wellness; and it has the power to drive back these things — to rob you of all that makes life worth living. It’s the first of these powers, that lets a few men climb to the top and remain there. It’s the second that keeps other men at the bottom all their lives. It’s the later that pulls still other men down from the top when they’ve
We’re the masters of our fate as we are masters, first, of our attitudes. Our attitudes determine our future. This is a universal law. This law works whether the attitudes are destructive or constructive. The law says that we translate into physical truth the thoughts and attitudes which we hold in our brains, regardless what they are.

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