Pellowah Level I

Pellowah Level 1 Course will awaken you to the new energy that we need for this point in time for the good of humanity. It will help you to heal on every level as well as heighten your awareness and spiritual growth.

Pellowah is an angelic word for ‘radical shift in consciousness’ as it channels an extremely high vibration energy directly from source. It allows for a remarkable shift in our awareness as it deals directly with the mind and spirit allowing us to heal on a higher level. It can open up your intuition and allows for greater clarity in your life.

Pellowah is easy to learn and you do not need to have had any previous experience in healing.

Pellowah Level II is followed on directly from receiving your Level I. The Pellowah Level II course and attunement will lift your consciousness up to the next level again and expand your consciousness outwards as well. It can help you move forward on your spiritual journey with a greater speed than many other modalities but can also enhance any other form of healing that you do.

If you currently do other healing modalities such as Reiki, it is a great experience to feel the difference in the energies from Pellowah. As Pellowah is such a high vibrational form of healing that comes directly from the source, it can create deep and long lasting effects on physical and emotional levels that other forms of healing may struggle to correct.

Pellowah healing energy targets our auric and energy field first, healing ‘stuff’ before it enters our physical bodies. It also works on clearing, strengthening and energising our charkras allowing the healing on the physical level too. It helps us to form a greater connection to our intuition allowing our natural abilities to work in harmony with our lives.

In the Pellowah Level II course you will bring the energy of consciousness of your higher being into your everyday life. You will learn symbols to open your auric filed while keeping yourself protected, increase energy into your aura to neutralise negative energy, bring together the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies to centre and balance yourself with exercises to help you. And much more.


Pellowah Level I & II Weekend Course

Duration: 6 hours
10 am – 4 pm both days

Dates for 2020

Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th November

Cost: $400 for the weekend
Includes course manual, certificate and refreshments.
Please bring your own lunch

Numbers are limited. To secure your place click here

If you are unable to attend weekends, weeknight courses can also be arranged. Minimum 2 people required.

For any inquiries in regards to our Pellowah Course or to book your place
please contact us or call Sandey on 0417 491 537

All course are held at Be Enchanted 60 Ameys Track Foster 3960

Pellowah Level 1