Basic Meditation

Before you begin basic meditation make sure you find a quiet place where you wont be disturbed for at least 20 – 30 minutes. You can use incense or essential oils to charge the air with calming aromas to help you relax. You can also choose to meditate outdoors where you can pick a beautiful quiet place among trees or by a river or even at the beach.

Get yourself a comfortable chair or use a cushion if you are going to sit on the floor. Sit with back up straight and balance your head effortlessly. Let your arms relax to your sides and rest your hands open on your knees. To try and keep the energy of the meditation going touch your forefinger and thumb together of each hand. If sitting on the floor have your legs crossed. If sitting in a chair try to keep your feet flat on the floor. You can lie down comfortably but if you are just a beginner you will probably fall asleep.

Always make sure that you are completely comfortable before you begin as this promotes the right state of attention for a successful meditation.

Begin with deep abdominal breathing for a few minutes to get the oxygen circulating through your body and into your brain to cleanse your mind. Focus on the breathing as you inhale slowly through your nose filling your lungs with air then exhale slowly through your mouth. Try to relax any tense areas of your body while you continue to do this.

When you feel relaxed pick a point of focus – whether it be an image, an affirmation or even your breathing. When first learning to meditate it is best to do it with your eyes closed to ease distractions. Using an eye mask or earplugs can also be beneficial.

Keep your attention on your breath feeling it come in through your nose and make its way right through your body, calming you and relaxing you. Feel your breath releasing all the tension and stress from your entire body and feel your muscles relax from head to toe. If you are meditating to music keep returning your mind to each note of the music.

While you are doing this it is common for your mind to wander from your point of focus to work, family, bills and all the housework waiting for you. It is very common when learning to meditate that your mind wanders to your current stress and problems in life. You need to have faith that with practice these thought will decrease. Like most things in life it takes time to master and once you have mastered it you will be so glad you took the time.

Remember you are doing this to still your mind from all these unwanted thoughts so you can have some time out just for you to relax and unwind. This will improve your mental and physical state of wellness. Basic meditation is such a rewarding experience.