Kaycie Jade’s Art Studio

Kaycie Jade’s Art Studio is located at Be Enchanted and all of the art work on display is from our in house artist, Kaycie Jade.

Kaycie Jade is a young artist who has always loved to paint and create. She experiments with all mediums and creates many different styles of art. Her artwork is on display in her Gallery at Be Enchanted and is available for purchase.

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Kaycie Jade's Art Studio

About Kaycie Jade

I have always loved drawing and creating, most of which I did in school. In my year 9 art class we were asked to recreate a drawing from one of the selected photos. I chose a profile of a cat. With my dedication and determination to finish it before my next class I took it home to complete each and every single cat hair. My nanna saw me working on this and was blown away by my patience and talent at just the age of 15.

For my 16th birthday, we spent a weekend in Melbourne where my Nanna took me to a Ken Harris painting class. I learnt about oil paints, brushes and painting techniques and came out with four of my very own landscapes.

In love with the therapeutic art weekend I went out and bought myself a collection of paints and canvas pads and filled my room with projects. I would set myself up on the back porch or lay newspaper on the driveway where I        continued my landscapes and quickly ventured off to doing my own creations and contemporary art. Everywhere we went I was looking at artistic ideas and paintings that I could incorporate into my own styles and artworks.

Eight years later and I have my very own studio, full of art and craft supplies, projects and over 200 finished paintings and cannot believe I ever fit everything into my bedroom.

I now paint in mainly oils and acrylics, in the form of landscapes and local scenery of my beautiful home in South Gippsland, to mystical forests and night skies, space scenes and planets to more colourful and vibrant pieces.

I also have a strong connection to nature and crystals and love to embrace their energy into my art. I do a range of wire wrapping, including making jewellery with beautiful crystals and trees of life with humble creatures among the  branches.

I’m excited with how far I have come with my art and for all the pieces I will create in the future as well as what other wild and fascinating techniques and styles I will develop. I’m grateful everyday I have found my passion for art at such a young age and that I have the rest of my life to learn and create.

What mediums and methods I will be doing in another decade or two… I can’t wait to discover!

Kaycie Jade's Art Studio

Kaycie Jade had her very first exhibition at The Courthouse Gallery in Yarram in May of 2017 with her second exhibition following straight after at Stockyard Gallery In Foster.