Autism Is On The Rise

Autism is on the rise and social media is now playing a big part in bringing about the awareness of this. The following article is written by Giovanni Lordi who specialises in hypnosis to help people become the best that they can be. Giovanni has helped many children with autism by bringing out the best in them.

Autism is on the Rise by Giovanni Lordi

Firstly please let me point out that I am not an expert on Autism, but I want to share other ideas, in hope that they may help.

Recently it has come to my attention some staggering statistics about Autism. It seems that in recent times the prevalence of Autism is growing at an exponential rate. On a personal note this is of great concern, as you can see from the facts below that I recently read from the Autism Speaks website. Click here to read more.

  1. One in 110 children are diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder each year
  2. More children will be diagnosed with autism this year than with aids,diabetes and cancer combined
  3. Autism prevalence rose 57% between 2002 and 2006
  4. Autism is the fastest growing serious development disability in the U.S
  5. One in seventy boys is on the autism spectrum

There is currently no medical detection or cure for Autism and it is also surprising that boys are four times more likely to have Autism than girls. An interesting factor I have came across, is the Japanese did a study by changing the age group of vaccinations by one year and the Autism rate fell by over 80%.

My concern here is that if these statistics are correct then are the children’s minds not developed enough to handle the vaccinations at this young age, or is the cause more of a traumatic one for the child receiving the needles. I remember when I was a child receiving needles, I was so fearful of needles they had to get nurses to hold me down. Back then we didn’t have the amount of vaccinations as they have now. Either way, I feel that this needs to be looked into and not pushed under the table. The people I have dealt with over the years all said this has come about after the vaccinations. The age when vaccinations are due is when a child is becoming slightly more aware and at the same time they are at an age where everything is taken personally and every little happening is traumatic to them as children. I know from my experience with working with people certain traumatic events open up different sides of their minds and some get stuck in abreactions (where they are still living it physically and emotionally).

With other cases it has opened up their intuition to being fully aware to the point they hear voices or become psychic and know things before they happen. Some have become mediums where they can speak to loved ones that have passed over. These are survival instincts, which are well known in the new age world as clairvoyance, mediumship, psychic and channelers. Many of the people who have these abilities have had some sort of a bad or traumatic experience just prior to receiving their gifts. Even though we all know of them, many of us don’t really understand them; this is because it is the unknown (quantum physics).

What if the case here is a rebellion or a retreat into their own little world within themselves or maybe a new channel has been opened as a survival instinct and switched on another part of their mind? (Numbers, counting etc). Could this happen because it is a traumatic event to them that has caused this? This is all part of the unknown. I have heard of a case in regards to a child with Autism where after eleven years of non-verbal communication the child starts to talk and the child response was “I have been listening all these years.” This was told to me by my friend that has a child with Autism. What an interesting comment for a child to make. I understand there are many different types of Autism but I feel they are living in their own inner world achieving what they need to and where they understand what they need to but the outer world fears them as we do not understand what is going on inside their heads. These children all have their own self talk and most of the time their subconscious doesn’t know the difference nor would the child understand it. I remember my daughter at the age of five years old asked me about the other mind that spoke (self talk) and I had to explain what this was and gave her an understanding of it and how to switch it off. What if the children with Autism are living in their own little world with their own self talk that feels safe to them?

Many years ago I came up with a concept of using special frequencies with soft music combined with stories for children. In conjunction with Rick Collingwood, I wrote up eleven children’s metaphorical stories for Rick to record. Basically they are like bedtime or quiet time stories. The idea is for the child to rest or go to bed and lying still with their eyes closed to just listen to the stories. Quite often the stories will put the children to sleep but their subconscious mind will still take in the important lessons in the stories such as overcoming easily any challenges they used to have and giving them more self confidence. This is very similar to meditations that we as adults do.

The stories range for different issues such as bullying, learning about stranger danger, building self confidence and so on. I believe that between the ages of 0-6 should be where we teach as this is where they retain the most information even through stories. We can teach them to begin to understand things and build a good foundation for their life. They need to have an understanding that they have a purpose to this point in time. A great way to get anyone’s attention is to tell a great story, without us realizing, we either play the main character, associate to a character or listen out for the plot or the meaning of the stories. In 2010 I was in the USA and was speaking to a friend of my cousin has a child named Andrew who had non verbal Autism. I gave him one of the children’s stories that we had recorded called “Doing it Right Now” which is a story about making the best out of any situation and being happy within ourselves. After about five weeks Andrew’s behaviors had changed for the better and he was more loving and began to talk and point. WOW. I also gave a different CD to my friend in Australia called “Better Schooling” and at Christmas his son also began to talk. An interesting point that I realized was they were both seven years old. Even though I gave each of them several of the CD’s in the range, both children listened to the one which they preferred the most. I feel maybe they knew which one they needed to step out and talk, because their favorite story is the story they chose. It is great to know that the CD empowers the child to move forward.

I feel this is like what most of us even do as adults. We only listen to what we want to listen to or something that means something to us (clicks with us). This may be a tool to understanding Autistic children. My friend Peter also took his child to piano lessons and said for the first twenty minutes his son is allowed to do his own thing and then for the last five minutes he plays the piano. I feel this is similar to ADHD or a learnt pattern of a three year old (short attention span which is quite normal for most kids). This could mean they are starting where the issue began at whatever age that may have been so take note of the behavior as this may give clues to what age they are currently at. Also we should begin to work with their talents or let them try out different things until one clicks with them. I remember my nephew when he was a little boy, he was always crying, but if I began to cry with him he would stop and look at me and switch to laughter or comfort me. Sometimes if we act like them we can begin to understand them or maybe break a pattern that they are using, all avenues must be tried.

When it comes to body language this is a very important key of communication, and to be able to read body language correctly we must take in the full picture such as facial expression, tones, hand movements and posture, every part plays a role to the non verbal communication. For example the child smiles and clenches his/her fist and the tone is high, this could mean stress, success or just agreeing. If they open their hands this could mean they are happy, which changes the whole picture just by having the hands open. This is important when it comes to communication and understanding them and once you do it can be a starting point for them moving forward quicker, with fewer frustrations. I believe most Autistic children have the ability to communicate and they do understand you at times, it is now about understanding how they communicate with you and get right back to basics with them. Simple words, a lot of praise, let them be involved with everyday things and this will build their confidence.

As we spoke about in the children’s section when communicating try to speak in movies as they are doing what you are saying, the result or action you want them to do, go through each step of what they will do and use your body language as you are saying it with tones and excitement. We all have things we like and don’t like and so do they so the idea is to explore and find out what they like. We all have our own way of communicating and acting so the best thing here is to understand it and be aware of it. Keep it simple and be in the moment, with wisdom, knowledge and understanding we will hear, see, feel and learn more.

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