Can Hypnosis and Meditation Help You Lose Weight?

For many people, the idea of losing weight by hypnosis seems like a wishful fantasy that is too good to be true. But when you take time to understand how the mind deals with feelings of hunger and fullness, motivation and reward, you will begin to recognise the power of hypnosis and meditation in various aspects of life. With many happy clients that have already used hypnosis to help them lose weight, understanding the key qualities of weight loss through hypnosis may challenge your initial perceptions and allow you to reach your ideal weight.

The majority of diet plans and weight watching nutritional changes in your life focus on what kind of food you put into your body and when. They also give you limits on the quantity of sugars, salts and other ingredients that you should consume – but they are often difficult to calculate and plan. Weight loss through hypnosis works on the parts of you that cause you to feel hungry and have cravings for particular foods. Changing what we eat is the key to losing weight, but through hypnosis, you can learn and program yourself to control your desire to eat also.

Changing the way you feel about what you eat and when you eat is a revolutionary way of losing weight over time. While fad diets and nutritional plans may help you lose weight for a short period of time, weight loss through hypnosis aims to change the way you eat for good. Part of this includes re-educating yourself to eat healthier by associating it with pleasurable experiences, while before you may have looked on it negatively. For instance, nobody likes to live on a diet of ‘rabbit food’ every day of their lives, but removing this negative connotation towards the healthier option can set you on the right course.

Weight loss through hypnosis also allows people to retrain the way they eat. With specific courses available to help people with binge eating, snacking and fasting, weight loss through hypnosis can allow you to change your behaviour towards your relationship with food. By disassociating emotions from food, hypnotism allows people to change their deep-rooted emotional attachment to food and can lift them from their negative nutritional burdens.

Confidence and body confidence in particular has a huge impact on the way we interact with food. By feeling more confident, hypnosis can teach us how to feel better about our bodies and not have the negative impact on how our bodies shapes can transform. By lifting one from a depression or a lack of motivation, hypnosis can help to achieve things you never before thought possible when it comes to weight loss. Learning confidence, emotional detachment from food and relieving stress through hypnosis is a true alternative to fad diets, diet supplements and surgery that will last a lifetime.