Benefits of Goats Milk in Our Everyday Life

Milk in general has many health benefits – it increases bone strength, prevents dental decay, hydrates your body, prevents a number of chronic ailments etc.

In the late 23-79 AD goat’s milk was included for the practice of oral hygiene. During that time people had a firm belief that drinking goat’s milk helped in sweetening your breath.

But in the 21st era we have no time for such mythical or hypothetical belief over proven facts. Goats produce about 2% of the global milk supply and people who consumes goat milk cite a lower incidence of indigestion and allergy problems. Goat’s milk contains enzymes that make it a nutrient rich super food with high bio available calcium which our bodies can easily absorb.

Goat’s milk has a large selection of proven health benefits:

1. Rapid Digestibility.

Goat milk is rapidly digestible as it contains smaller fat globules and more medium chain fatty acids. Such speedy and easy digestion leads to quicker release of good bacteria and enzymes, enabling better absorption of nutrients.

2. Less Allergy Issues.

The goat milk contains less milk sugar (lactose). People who are lactose intolerant can sip goat milk with ease due to its superior digestibility and less indigestible residuals.

3. Less Fat

Goat milk is a great alternative if you are trying to cut some weight. It contains less fat but has high levels of protein and amino acids which our body doesn’t produce on its own. It also 35% fatty acid whereas cow milk contains a mere 17%, making it more nutritionally wholesome.

4. Contains Less Toxic Materials

We can often notice cows been injected with growth hormones, vaccines, GMO feed and antibiotics which are harmful to human health. Through the food chain these toxic substances pass through our body when we consume the meat or the milk of the cow. Goat milk is much safer as fewer unnatural means or methods are usually used to treat the goats.

5. Inflammation

Goat milk benefits inflammation especially people with bowel inflammation can drink goat’s milk at ease over consuming cow’s milk. Products made of goat’s milk such asgoat’s milk soap are known to be soothing and gentle on the skin and can benefit skin irritations such as eczema.

6. Stronger Teeth & Bones

Just like cow’s milk, bio calcium is present in goat’s milk which gives all the same benefits by helping to strengthen bone density and make our teeth stronger.

7. Percentages

• Goat milk contains 25% more B6.
• 27% more oxidant rich selenium.
• It has 47% more of vitamin A that helps new cellular growth.
• It has 134% more potassium compared to cow’s milk.
• It contains 300 % more niacin over cow’s milk.

Goat milk has been shown to relieve some brain and nerve disorders and has also been known to help with asthma problem, aid in removing heavy metal poisoning, kidney stones and disorders and constipation. The presence of high PH level is even said to slow down aging process.