Instructions For Using The Hypnosis CDs

Instructions for Using the CDs

Using the CDs couldn’t be easier!

To gain the most from these CD’s it is imperative to abide by the following guidelines:

  • Use each CD for at least the recommended 6 – 8 week minimum period
  • Listen to track 1 (introduction) and track 2 (hypnosis session) for the first 10 days and then it is only necessary to listen to track 2. This is to ensure the listener is fully aware of the guidelines for using the CD.
  • Listen to each CD in its entirety every day. In saying this it is also recommended that after using and CD or CDs for seven consecutive days to cease usage the following day to allow time for absorption, reflection and rest.
  • It is fine and actually beneficial to use multiple CD’s in the same day, although using more than three different CDs in one day is not recommended due to the inability to absorb excessive amounts of information at any give time.
  • If using multiple CDs the listener should still follow the above guidelines and adapt usage patterns that reflect more regular use of the CD title that they feel is their primary objective for change.
  • It is ok to listen to more than one CD title per day and to listen to any CD more than once in a day.
  • The best results are experienced by using the CDs just before going to sleep. It is OK to fall asleep as this is when each CD is at its most effective. In saying this quiet times with no disturbances will also yield similarly effective results.
  • It is recommended to drink 1 or 2 glasses of water before listening to each CD as mild dehydration can be a common side effect as a result of achieving a hypnotic state.
  • The listener can still achieve impressive results listening to the CDs whilst in the midst of the partaking of daily activities by playing a CD at low volumes in the background. Do not use any CD whilst driving or operating heavy machinery or any other activity that requires the use of your undivided attention to ensure your own safety and that of others.
  • Any person suffering from a significant mental health problem such as Schizophrenia. Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Bi Polar Disorder or Delusional Disorder, should not use any CD without consultation and approval from a physician. This does not include depression.

Never Use the CDs whilst driving a vehicle or operating machinery. Driving immediately after using the CD is quite safe.

EPILEPSY? The CDs have never been reported to bring on attacks of epilepsy or seizures. However if a person suffers from the maladies it is best that they consult their medical doctor before proceeding. If the use of the CDs were to instigate an epileptic fit or seizure then it would be no different or more severe than what would be experienced without the use of the CD. In some reported cases the use of this CD has prevented further epileptic attacks.


Any person suffering from a significant mental health problem such as Schizophrenia. Multiple Personality Disorder, Psychosis, Bi Polar Disorder, or Delusional Disorder, whether the disorder be congenital or otherwise SHOULD NOT USE THESE CDs WITHOUT PRIOR CONSULTATION WITH THEIR PHYSICIAN. This does not include depression.


Choosing Which CD Title/s To Use

With over 50 titles available and the list growing steadily every year, there is a title available that will cover almost any affliction or personal growth area. Obviously such areas as weight loss, quitting smoking and insomnia are easily corresponded to their relevant title; the versatility and adaptability of certain titles for certain issues is sometimes less obvious.

Companion Use of CD Titles: The use of multiple CD titles for the treatment of one specific issue is effective and beneficial to the listener. By using more than one CD at a time the listener is able to gain the benefits of not only introducing new ideas that correspond directly to the heart of the issue but also other associated causes that may directly or indirectly affect or cause that same issue. For example the Weight Loss & Appetite Control CD will produce even more positive results when used in conjunction with the Healthy Eating CD. On the same token, the Happiness & Self Esteem CD is an excellent companion to almost every CD due to its core role of introducing a more happy
and positive lifestyle which in turn can be used as a more effective platform to implement change on many levels for many issues.

The following are just two more examples of common titles and their various applications.

Happiness & Self Esteem CD: This is one of the most popular titles as it releases and re-balances past learned emotional patterns and most people require these changes to achieve new or different goals. For example the Weight Loss CD is often more effective when combined with this title as a person with a high level of self esteem can use this to effect change. Furthermore if they are happy they are more likely to follow through with the instructions. This CD encourages people to make decisions. It is recommended that water be consumed before listening to this CD because the occasional user may suffer from dehydration which may cause a mild headache.

A person wishing to quit smoking may have had numerous attempts at doing so previously. What many people do not understand is that, as well as cigarettes being physically addictive, smoking also creates behavioral patterns in the subconscious mind. This CD strengthens the conscious willpower and the Happiness & Self Esteem CD has been shown to empower the effectiveness of the Quit Smoking CD.

All of these Rick Collingwood self hypnosis CDs have been formatted to work in conjunction with each other and for those wishing to make changes it is simply a matter of choosing the relevant titles.

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