Hypnosis Testimonials

Julie, Victoria, Australia

Sober Life CD

Dear Sandy, Just wanted to let you know that I have had fantastic success so far with the “Sober Life” cd you sent me last week. I have already listened to it 9 times, and have not had any alcohol since. I have been to social events where I would normally drink quite a lot, and I have not found it difficult at all to drink non-alcoholic drinks. It has also been quite easy to talk openly with people about why I was choosing to do this and how I am doing this, which I think I was quite worried about before using the hypnotherapy cd. As Rick Collingwood suggests, it has been easy and comfortable, and I am already wondering why I ever did drink as much as I did. I realise it is early days, but I feel very confident now that the desire to drink which I was experiencing before, has all but diminished. Before I really was not confident that I would be able to stop drinking, and this was almost preventing me from even trying to stop. I now feel very empowered about my decision and my ability to stay in control of this. I feel that if I keep listening to the cd daily for 6 weeks as suggested, I will be able to maintain this new fresher lifestyle. Originally I was only looking to cut down my drinking, not stop it all together, and I did not consider I was an alcoholic. Now I think there is little point drinking at all really, and I think it is easier for me to abstain all together than have a couple of drinks.

Maybe this will change. But I do see now that I probably had more of a problem than I was recognising at the time, and I am much better off being free from that addiction, controlled as it may have been, compared to some people! Anyway, I am sure you don’t need further confirmation that Rick’s cds work, but I am so thrilled with my own progress that I felt like sharing the feedback. I have just ordered a weight loss cd for myself, and am recommending an Insomnia cd to one friend, and the Fear of Flying cd to another friend. I’m a believer, you could say! So thank-you for your good service and prompt delivery.

Keep up the good work. Julie

Abi, New Jersey, USA

Loss, Grief and Depression CD

Hi Sandey, I just wanted to say thank you for taking so much time to talk with me about the CD’s and for listening and understanding what we were going through. We miss our son every single day and will never be the same without him but at least now we have learnt to deal with our loss and move forward. We will recommend your CD’s to everyone we know. Thank you once again. Abi and Dan.

Michelle, Canada

Hypnobirthing CD

Hi, I just had to write you and let you now that I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. My labor was just so enjoyable and I never thought I would say that. What an experience. I can’t wait to do it again. I was so relaxed and calm and really enjoyed the experience. I didn’t even need any drugs!! Before using the CD I was so worried about what all my friend and family had told me to expect, I never thought I would get through it so easily.

Isobel. England, UK

Mind Body Healing CD

ISOBEL Craig, 79, remembers being crippled with “the worst pain imaginable” before a CD changed her life. For two years she suffered from trigeminal neuralgia, a rare nerve disorder that causes sudden and severe face pain.

During the frequent attacks she was unable to move, eat and talk, and barely able to swallow.

“My life was impossible, just terrible. I wanted to die,” she said.

Doctors told Mrs Craig, from northeast England, there was no cure. In desperation, her daughter, Ann Marie Foster of Melbourne, sent her a subliminal message CD by Australian hypnotherapist Rick Collingwood.

“About eight days after first playing the CD, Mum rang me and said the pain in her face had completely gone,” Ms Foster said.

The CD also helped Mrs Craig’s son, Michael, 46, who has cerebral palsy.

Mrs Craig has now been able to visit Australia.

Dr Collingwood said hypnosis did work. “It’s simple science that uses the subconscious part of the mind to turn off the pain that she felt,” he said.

– Herald Sun Sunday: Article, 30/04/2006

Debbie. Victoria, Australia

Beating Marijuana Addiction

Hi Sandey, I’m not sure if you will remember me I spoke to you at the [Living Now Expo] festival. I was the lady who brought the Beating Marijuana CD from you for my husband.

Well after 20 years of smoking this stuff he has given up!! I believe it has a lot to do with your the CD. He continues to listen to it every night and really has not had too many side effects.

What a wonderful journey he is about to embark on. He is a totally different person and I am very proud of him. So there is a success story you can share.

Barb, Blind Bight, Victoria

Mind Body Healing CD

Dear Sandey, Several weeks ago you gave me the Dr Rick Collingwood Mind Body Healing. You asked me to try it for a few weeks and then let you know if I found any changes taking place.

Well it took about 6 weeks and then I began to notice a subtle difference, mainly in my sleep patterns and attitude to everyday situations. I have not been able to sleep soundly, or undisturbed for many years, owing to a severe car accident in 1986, and was waking at least 4 to 5 times a night. Since I have been using the CD I find that I now sleep more soundly and wake less often, maybe only twice a night. Also when I do wake I have no trouble getting back to sleep.

My attitude to everyday situations has mellowed, and where I used to over react to situations, I find that I can now step back and deal with things more calmly.

The biggest difference, and the one that I am really pleased with is the way the depression has backed down. Things that would upset me in the past are now not the “big deal” that they were then, and I don’t take life as seriously and personally as I did.

And…I’ve lost weight too. Whether that was good management or the good luck I’m not too sure, but in more ways than one I am more than happy with the results. So, I can only say that Dr. Rick Collingwood’s CD has worked for me and is continuing to do so. Many thanks for giving me the opportunity to “give it a go” and I’ll be in touch again.

Michelle, Via Email

Happiness & Self Esteem CD

I have recently been going through some stress in my life and have been given one of your hypnosis CD’s and it has been very helpful. It is the Self Esteem and Happiness CD if I don’t listen to it for a few days and I start to feel down I listen to it morning and night and I’m back on track. Thank you for making these CDs they are great

Dee, NSW, Australia

Quit Smoking CD

Stopped smoking over night its been 3 months now not a single craving – its magic I was on 30 a day for 20 years; WOW – VERY HAPPY!


and again…thank you

Hi there, I saw a forum for feedback and comments on the CD range over a year ago having successfully quit smoking for 15 months now I’m keen to RAVE about the results of these CD’s. I was amazed to never pick up a cig again after only listening to the CD for a matter of days!! …….However I’m keen to read others comments, especially around the lose weight CD as I’m not having such great results “AS YET” I’m thinking of linking it to another CD perhaps??? REGARDLESS…Truly, I’m FOREVER grateful, I believe Mr Collingwood has saved my life!! Thank you Thank you Thank you – MR Rick Collingwood.

best regards. Dee

Karen, Frankston, Victoria

A Sober Life CD

Hi there, I spoke to you at a market about this CD for my husband. At the time I was very skeptical as I told you but you assured me that it was good. Well I had to let you know he has been listening to it now for nearly three weeks. He doesn’t know it as I did what you said and played it once he was asleep. Well he slowed down on his drinking last week and this past week he hasn’t had a single drink at all. He says he just doesn’t feel like a drink but has no idea why and he is in a much better mood all the time. I can’t believe it. The kids can’t believe it either. Thank you.
You saved our marriage.

Sharon, Port Adelaide, Australia

Super Study CD

My daughter was showing signs of stress as her exams were coming up and a friend recommended these cd’s to me. I brought one from you and gave it to my daughter. Missy has now finished her exams and feels she has done really well. I am so glad that her stress levels dropped and she was so relaxed all the time while her exams were on. I will be recommend these to everyone I know. thank you.

A. Monger, via email

A Sober Life CD

I have been using the A sober life CD to help break my drinking habit. I still have a drink but not daily and I feel in control and aren’t drinking to excess. I plan to continue with the cd and want to try some of the others. This is my time to change and transform my life.

Ken, Florida, USA

Personal Life Motivation

My wife found your website and read up on your cd’s. I was suffering from depression and she ordered the personal life motivation cd for me to listen to. I am now off my depression medication and have gone back to work full time. It has turned my life around and I feel great. I just had to let you know. Thank you so much for selling them.

Denis, via email

Cancer & Insomnia CD’s

Hi, I’ve been using the insomnia and cancer CD’s and they are brilliant. Regards, Dennis.

Sean, via email

Happiness & Self Esteem

I would like to thank rick collingwood for the hypnosis cd collection. I have been using the cd for 2 months and every time i use it my life improves every time. thank you.sean.

Judi, via email

Children’s Overcoming Fears and Nightmares CD

For many years I have had troubles with my daughters sleeping including sleep walking and the past few months have been especially bad whereby she would not want to sleep on her own. I recently purchased the Fears and Nightmares CD and have noticed a huge improvement. After 3 weeks, she is at the stage now where she will only ask me to sleep in her bed just before going to sleep rather than asking all day long. I am still however having trouble with her waking/sleep walking after 1 hour of going to sleep which I think comes down to her still having that little part of her wanting me to sleep in her bed. Do you have any other CD’s that may be of benefit for this. What results are achieved from the loneliness CD? I await your reply. Regards Judi

Melissa, VIC, Australia

Breaking Addictions & Bad Habits

Oh my god this CD is amazing! Stopped biting my nails, stopped smoking dope and stopped grinding my teeth all in a week. Would never have believed it if I didn’t do it myself. I’m telling everyone about these. Thanks a million. Eternally grateful, Mel

Jim, NT, Australia

A Sober Life & Happiness & Self Esteem CD’s

Hi, I brought the sober life and happiness and self esteem cd’s off your website only 6 weeks ago. I have listened to them both every night like you suggested and my life has turned around. I can go out with the blokes now and not even feel like a drink and my confidence is booming. Expect heaps of orders coming your way. Thanks for the friendly and informative chat and the speedy service. Greatly appreciate it. I will definitely be ordering more cd’s soon.Jim

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