Cancer Trial Participants

Cancer Trial Participants, for privacy reasons are referred to as a number only. All Cancer Trial Participants were treated with the use of hypnosis with Rick Collingwood.

Cancer Trial Participants 1

The participant is a 71 year old male, first diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and secondaries in the bone in 1994.

The standard of care medical treatment used for treatment was Radiotherapy and the medication Androcur and Zoladex. TBs present medications are Zocor and Losec. The usual diet consisted of Meat, Fish, Vegetables and Fruit and he reported using Nutra Sweet as a sugar replacement. At the beginning of the trial reported that he felt his health condition was gradually worsening.

Main Presenting Issues Include: Insomnia; Loss of appetite; Physical ache and pains; Constipation; Fear.

Verbal reports were as follows:

5th May 2005
1. Used the Mind-Body healing CD and hip pain that had been predominant for three years disappeared first night and did not return.
2. Usual tiredness reported as about the same.
3. Bowel motions, improved a little. (Participant has suffered constipation for three years).

12th May 2005
1. Hip pain still gone, reported that pain suffered in both wrists for three years was also much less for rather long periods of time.
2. Sleeping much better with the use of the Mind-Body healing CD.
3. Bowel motions remained a little better.
4. Participant fell and sprained ankle, reported that it was painful and that he was fearful that if he had broken the ankle, it may not heal. Immediate medical investigations report only a sprain and walking required the assistance of a cane.

19th May 2005
1. Wrist pain improving gradually and now the right wrist was more painful of the two, especially in the morning, left wrist now pain free.
2. Hips still pain free.
3. Ankle feeling much better.
4. CD is working very well and assisting deep sleeps.
5. Generally feeling fantastic.

31st May 2005
1. Ankle pain gone now (no longer any use for the cane).
2. All elimination systems working much better (previous constipation gone)
3. Sleeping deeper and for longer, awakening in the morning feeling refreshed.
4. After session on 19th May, walked up and down 100 hundred steps with no difficulty or discomfort whatsoever (carried cane just in case).
5. Both wrists now feeling fine, pain gone.

9th June 2005
1. Sleeping like a log every night.
2. No pain or discomfort anywhere in the body.
3. Elimination systems (defecation) fine now.
4. Physical energy has improved considerably.
5. Motivation has improved significantly.
6. Generally feels much better and much happier.

16th June 2005
1. Sleep still much improved.
2. Energy levels and motivation still improved
3. Hip pain gone sine first session and never returned.
4. Very mild pain in left wrist and left ankle, also both knees, knee and ankle pain exacerbated by walking up and down stairs.

Final Assessment completed on 16th June 2005.

His opinions of the trial:
“I think this has been very worthwhile indeed, and there has definitely been significant improvements in my sleeping, much less pain, and much more energy. Generally I just feel much better. I must admit that at the beginning I was a sceptic now I am convinced there is something very valid in all of this”. Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 2

The participant is a 64 year old female, diagnosed with Dukes C Rectal Cancer (colon cancer) in February 2004. As a standard care procedure was successfully operated on in March 2004: Post operative medical treatments were Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy. Present treatments are Thyroxin (non associated with cancer). Usual diet consists of; Vegetables, Fish, Chicken, Little red meat, Rice, Cereal, and Fruit.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Stress; Anger; Insomnia; Depression; Anxiety; Constipation.

Verbal reports were as follows:

3rd May 2005
1. Feeling generally OK.
2. Gets a little tired if doing too much.
3. Sleeping much better and deeper since using the Mind-Body CD.
4. Went away and forgot to take the CD and still slept much better than usually would have.
5. Generally feeling happier and lighter within self.

5th May 2005
1. Feeling pretty good since the first session.
2. Still sleeping better.
3. Less bothered by husbands snoring and can return to bed and go back to sleep if needs to awake at night for the bathroom. (Previously, could not go back to sleep and would lay awake worrying about the future).

10th May 2005
1. Sleep still much improved.
2. Appetite is improving.
3. Energy levels are up quite a bit.
4. Stressing and worrying has stopped.
5. Feeling much happier.

12th May 2005
1. Elimination systems functioning much better (participant had been experiencing frequent episodes of either constipation or diarrhoea since operation).
2. Sleep still fine.
3. Appetite still improving.
4. Energy still up.
5. Participant states that she feels better than she has felt for years.

17th May 2005
1. As above: 12th May 2005
2. As above
3. As above
4. As above
5. As above
6. More relaxed and calm, less reactive, less worried and concerned.

19th May 2005
1. As above
2. As above
3. As above
4. As above
5. As above

Final assessment completed on 1st June 2005

Her opinions of the trial.
1. Mood wise I am definitely much better.
2. I feel much more positive in general.
3. I am sleeping much better and deeper.
4. My energy has been steadily improving.
5. Participants perceived benefit from participation on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being at the low end, reported as 8 to 10.

Asked if she would do it again? She stated that because of the improvements she felt from the first day of the trial, she would have begun the hypnosis treatments immediately she was diagnosed with her cancer if she had of known about them at the time. Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 3

The participant is a 47 year old female diagnosed with advanced breast cancer on 10th March 2000 with secondaries found in the liver, the lungs, ovaries’ and bones.

Medical treatments were Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy, Hormone Therapy, and Dr John Holt’s controversial Microwave therapy * Authors Note. Present medical
treatments are; Chemotherapy Navelbine and Bonefos. It is interesting to note that given the severity and the extent of her condition, she has had a long survival period without surgery. Perhaps Dr John Holt’s controversial therapy, as reported on “A Current Affair” has contributed to this?.

Usual diet consists of; Juiced fresh fruit and vegetables; Legumes; Fish; Brown Rice; Oats, Nuts

Because of the severity of her condition she began her treatment on the 29th March 2005, two weeks before the rest of the participants and received four extra sessions.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Fear; Pain; Loss of appetite; Insomnia; Weight Loss; Low energy levels.

29th March 2005
The initial treatment consisted of interviewing and ascertaining the extent of her illness. She was then induced into deep hypnosis (for 27 minutes) and given positive re enforcing suggestions regarding the state of her health and the ability of her body to heal and her mood to remain calm, happy and confident that she could beat the illness.

7th April 2005
1. Went for chemo at hospital and was nowhere near as usually worried.
2. Felt a little initial pre injection anxiety, then as medical staff began to insert a canula into an arm vein she relaxed completely. In her own words “It was as though the arm was hypnotised. PM said she also experienced he following benefits from the first hypnosis treatment.
a. Felt much better post chemotherapy, no nausea, no mouth ulcers,no headache, no constipation.
b. Earlier constant pain in right leg, as reported in initial interview, was reduced by at least 50%.
c. Still reporting insomnia.
d. Emotionally feeling a little better.

14th April 2005
1. Sore arm from second chemotherapy, administered on 11th April 2005.
2. No nausea from chemo treatment.
3. Felt a little dizzy on Wednesday 13th April.
4. Constipation is easing.
5. Appetite has improved a lot.
6. Liver function tests show improvement.
7. Sleeping still not good.

21st April 2005
1. Sleeping better and able to get back to sleep easier if she awakens during the night.
2. Feeling more emotionally stable.
3. No post chemotherapy constipation or diarrhoea.
4. Energy levels still improving.
5. Skin colour less yellow and blotchy.
6. Past hip and leg pains gone.
7. Appetite has returned.

During controlled study verbal reports:

Verbal (in trial) reports were as follows:

3rd May 2005
1. Chemotherapy again on Monday 2nd May 2005.
a. No nausea.
b. No constipation or diarrhoea.
c. No mouth ulcers.
d. Oncologists appeared surprised with progress.
2. Moving a lot better (physically more mobile).
3. Right leg 40% pain decrease
4. Left leg dull ache gone.
5. General mood a lot happier.

10th May 2005
1. Feeling better each week.
2. More mobile and comfortable walking.
3. Sleeping a lot longer and deeper.
4. Feeling more emotionally balanced.
5. Appetite is now really good.

17th May 2005
1. Had last radio therapy on afternoon of Tuesday the 10th and had a mild headache that evening.
2. Began Chemotherapy again on Wednesday the 11th.
a. No pain.
b. No nausea.
c. No mouth ulcers.
3. Energy levels very much up.
4. Still sleeping deeper and longer.
5. Much less worried.
6. Appetite still very good.

31st May 2005
1. No nausea.
2. No pain.
3. No ulceration.
4. Sleeping deeply and for longer
5. Has gained 1 kg in weight.
6. Energy levels still fine.
7. Reports of feeling a little fluey.

7th June 2005
1. Appetite still strong.
2. Energy levels still up.
3. Pain still gone.
4. Sleeping still fine.
5. Over ate previous evening (8th June)
6. Still feels a little fluey.

14th June 2005
1. Had flu for the past week.
2. Feeling OK and better than would be expected.
3. Appetite down.
4. Has had constipation.
5. Felt a little dizzy.
6. Still sleeping very well.
7. Has a pain in muscle under right arm from vacuuming and hanging up washing, laughs and says: “A month ago I couldn’t even do the washing or vacuuming”.

This subject will continue her treatment combined with her medical treatment.

Cancer Trial Participants 4

The participant is a 64 year old woman first diagnosed with breast cancer in 1984.

She had a Lumpectomy in 1984 and a full Mastectomy of the right breast in 1997. Medications are, Aromasin, Warfarin, Methodone, and Hydro Morphine. The usual diet consists of Cereals, Porridge, Milk, Bread, Soup, Potatoes, some Meat, and Icecream.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Pain in back; Loss of appetite; Loss of energy; Fear.

Verbal reports were as follows:

3rd May 2005
1. Subject appeared weak and ravaged by cancer and treatment side effects.
2. Subject reported severe pain in the back muscles and spine.
3. Subject reported very low appetite.

10th May 2005
1. Reports no pain all week.
2. Reports better sleep.
3. Reports she could not stand the smell of food as it made her nauseous.
4. Appeared much happier both physically and emotionally.
5. Subject expressed concern that she was going to be given six doses at once of radio therapy on Wednesday 11th May 2005.

17th May 2005
1. Appetite has returned and been consistent all week.
2. Gained 4 pounds in weight.
3. No pain all week.
4. Sleeping well.

31st May 2005
1. Subject arrives with morphine pump attached.
2. Subject has nausea and vomiting.
3. Complete loss of appetite.
4. Reports severe lower back pain.
5. Subject told by doctor, sometime between 18th May and 30th May 2005, that she has two months to live without more chemotherapy and possibly six months to live without more chemotherapy.
6. Pharmacist checks contents of the pump and finds possible medication conflict.
7. Subject too weak and incoherent for hypnosis.

Friday 10th May 2005
The subject’s husband rings to cancel her out of the trial, stating that she is too weak and will begin another course of chemotherapy.

Cancer Trial Participants 5

The participant is a 50 year old male, first diagnosed with Rectal Adenocarcinoma in March 2004. The standard care medical treatment was pre-operative chemotherapy followed by rectal resection surgery. The participant was then required to wear a temporary Stoma Bag, which is still required presently, because of a non healing abscess. The participants’ diet consists of a balanced diet of fresh and healthy foods. At the beginning of the trial the participant reported a continual pus-like discharge
from the post operative abscess.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Anger; Burning Pains; Insomnia; Depression; Energy Loss; Constant Worry.

Verbal reports were as follows.

3rd May 2005
1. CD helps participant to sleep much better and deeper.
2. Reports lots of stress in home environment and family relationship.
3. Reports that the domestic situation and the stoma bag make him constantly angry.
4. Reports total sexual dysfunction.

12th May 2005
Participant calls in the morning and reports personal havoc at home that day and cancels appointment: Reschedules for Thursday 19th May 2005.

19th May 2005
1. Participant reports home environment still causing much stress.
2. Participant reports disgust at Stoma bag and having to wear it.
3. Still sleeping deeper and can go back to sleep after waking up to use bathroom.
4. Reports raw skin around stoma bag entrance and local pain in that area from eating acidic foods.

7th June 2005
1. Feels more tolerable towards partner and domestic situation.
2. Feels treatment now helping significantly with anger issues and is now much calmer.
3. Sleeping deeply.
4. Abscess weeping beginning to slow.
5. Has more energy.

Thursday 9th June
1. Feels more emotionally stable and less reactive.
2. Sleeping fine now.
3. Burning pain around stoma bag entrance gone.
4. Has more physical energy.

Tuesday 14th June 2005
1. Discharge from abscess has slowed to almost nothing.
2. Feels much more positive.
3. Still sleeping deeply.
5. Energy levels up.
6. Feels more tolerance and less anger towards other people.

Thursday 16th June 2005
1. Feels the same as on 14th June although the infection seems to have dried up. Participant has appointment Friday 16th June with Surgeon for check up.

Final assessment completed on 6th June 2005:

His opinion of the trial:
1. Feels as though the abscess infection has slowed considerably after leaking like a tap for six months.
2. All of my results are positive.
3. I sleep much deeper and better.
4. My anger is much less.
5. Still slightly depressed about my domestic and relationship situation.
6. Stopped going off at the kids all the time, and calmly remove myself from stressful situations.
7. Feels much more tolerant. Has much more energy and a much more positive attitude.

Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 6

The participant is a 64 year old female diagnosed with cancer of the left breast in March 2004 and Thyroid cancer in October 2004. Medical treatments included a full left breast mastectomy. Medications include Arimidex and Felodipine. The usual diet consists of Meat, Fruit & Vegetables, Tomato Juice, Green Tea, Fruit Juice, Chocolate.

Participant had one pre trial, fifteen minute, hypnosis session at a Cancer Council of WA meeting in Mandurah WA on Tuesday 19th April 2005.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Insomnia; Itching Skin; mild Obsessive Compulsive; Loss of Appetite.

Verbal reports were as follows.

5 May 2005
1. Reports CD is helping her to sleep much better.
2. Reports aches in right arm.
3. Reports previous leg cramps still gone.
4. Reports 18 months of itching arms from medication side effects went after the first treatment and have not returned.
5. Reports Arthritis feels much less painful.
6. Reports bowel and elimination systems working better.

10th May 2005
1. Reports feeling much more relaxed and much less pedantic around the home, especially concerning a slight Obsessive Compulsion regarding house cleanliness.
2. Reports she has been feeling very good generally.
3. Reports feeling much less worried.
4. Reports two nights of disturbed sleep.

17th May 2005
1. Reports sleeping deeply and soundly again.
2. Reports pre trial arm itching still gone.
3. Reports a generally much more relaxed disposition.
4. Reports feeling much more comfortable.
5. Reports more energy in general.

31st May 2005
1. Reports has been feeling great.
2. Reports energy has lifted so much that she had been up on the roof trimming overhanging Palm Trees.
3. Reports sleeping deeply still.
4. Reports aching lumps on either side of front neck (diagnosis is: Resultant of strenuous activity chopping Palm Throngs).
5. Asks if a three kilometre daily walk is considered too much?
6. Reports much more happy and relaxed around the home.

7th June 2005
1. Reports feeling on top of the world.
2. Reports previous neck lumps gone by the evening of 31st May.
3. Reports general memory appears to be getting much better.
4. Reports energy levels still way up.
5. Reports that going back to sleep after using the bathroom in the middle of the night is automatic now.

14th June 2005
1. Reports slept like a log all week.
2. Reports daily walk is now increased to four kilometres.
3. Reports that it feels as though all previous negativity has been vacuumed out of her brain.
4. Reports feeling great.

Final assessment completed on 14th June 2005:

Her opinion of the trial:
It has been fantastic. I didn’t know that things could be so affected by the depth within the mind. My energy is much better, everything about my body works much better, I’m more relaxed, I eat better, and I’ve learned not to bother worrying. This has been the best thing. Participant six then asks if it is OK to continue having top ups? Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 7

The participant is a 58 year old male and a returned serviceman who served with the Australian Special Air Service combat forces during the Vietnam war and had consequently been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder soon after returning to Australia. He was diagnosed with Cancer of the Oesophagus on 20th January 2005. The standard care medical treatment was FEC chemotherapy. Other non medical treatments included Vitamin C injections and what were loosely termed “Some Chinese Herbal Concoction”.

Main Presenting Issues Include.
Anger; Insomnia; Nervousness; Lack of Appetite; Grumpiness; Fear.

Verbal reports were as follows

5th May 2005
1. Reports has had PTSD since returning from active military service in 1973.
2. Reports deeper and longer sleep from use of the CD.
3. Reports feeling more calm since use of the CD.

12th May 2005
1. Reports energy levels are higher.
2. Reports much deeper sleep.
3. Reports can go straight back to sleep after awakening at night to use bathroom.
4. Reports feeling calmer and happier.
5. Reports to not feeling so grumpy all the time.

19th May 2005
1. Reports only one angry outburst during the preceding week whereas he used to have four or five a day.
2. Reports sleep still improved.
3. Reports blood markers have dropped (according to oncologist)
4. Reports energy levels still up and appetite increasing.
5. Reports swallowing much easier and food goes straight down now.

31st May 2005
1. Reports still feeling great.
2. Reports energy levels still up.
3. Reports sleeping still fine.
4. Reports one day of metallic taste in mouth after drinking water.
5. Reports one day of nausea after eating food.

7th June 2005
1. Reports metallic taste after drinking water is now only occasional and 75-80% reduced, speculates about water quality in home area.
2. Reports good appetite.
3. Reports deep sleeps.
4. Reports energy levels still up.
5. Reports being a little concerned regarding the outcome of check up with oncologist on 8th June.

9th June 2005
1. Reports feeling over the moon.
2. Reports feeling better than has felt in years.
3. Reports that check oncologist check up on the 8th June 2005 (previous day) has given the all clear.

Final assessment completed on 9th June 2005:

His opinion of the trial:
This has helped me tremendously, and not only to beat the cancer. It has helped with my sleep, my moods, my anger, my PTSD, my appetite, and my general outlook on life. I can’t say how helpful exactly but if I had to put a figure on it I would say at least 50%. Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 8

The participant is a 50 year old woman first diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2003 and secondaries in Ovaries. Standard medical care consisted of left breast mastectomy and hysterectomy, Radiation therapy and Chemotherapy. Presently diagnosed with Lymphedema. Medications are Tamoxifen and Effexor. The diet consists of fruit and vegetables, Juices, Herbal Tea’s, Water.

Main presenting problems include.
Hot Flushes; Night Sweats; Itchy Dry Skin; Leg Cramps; Aches in joints and bones; Weight Gain; Disturbed Sleep; Memory Problems; Bruises Easily. Persistent Cough.

Verbal reports were as follows:

5th May 2005
1. Reports CD sends her into a deep sleep.
2. Reports pain in arms and shoulders from Lymphedema.
3. Reports brain fog feels more cleared up.

10th May 2005
1. Reports arm and shoulder pain has lessened quite a bit.
2. Reports feeling more energetic.
3. Reports sleeping better.
4. Reports feeling terrific.

17th May 2005
1. Reports much happier and stays that way longer.
2. Reports much better and deeper sleep every night.
3. Reports Lymphedema much less painful in arm and shoulders.
4. Reports persistent cough has settled after eighteen months.

31st May 2005
1. Reports previous cough completely gone.
2. Reports much clearer thinking.
3. Reports some pain in arms and shoulders.
4. Reports that she has been trimming hedges and cutting firewood with a chainsaw (cause of pain in arms and shoulders).
5. Reports much more energy.
6. Reports feeling much happier.
7. Reports lost 1 kg in weight.
8. Reports others noticing improvements in her appearance and moods.
9. States that she wants to discontinue Effexor. (Is advised only with doctors permission)

7th June 2005
1. Reports doctor is very happy with her progress, but he wants her to remain on Effexor for another 6 months.
2. Reports that she has never felt this emotionally balanced in her life.
3. Reports that pain has been non existent since last visit.
4. Reports still sleeping deeply and soundly.
5. Reports Lymphedema pain is much less and that swelling goes down much faster after doing housework etc.
6. Reports cough still gone.

14th June 2005
1. Reports all aches gone from arms and shoulders.
2. Reports minimal swelling in arms and shoulders.
3. Reports sleeping so well now that she slept in a couple of times to her own surprise.
4. Reports energy levels have remained up.

Final assessment completed on 14th June 2005:

Her opinion of the trial:
I feel a lot more contented with my lot in life now, I listen to my body more and always have a better frame of mind. My cough has gone, my cramps and itching have gone, I am doing a lot more exercise with a lot less pain and fatigue. I feel like I have my life back and that I am back on track. Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.

Cancer Trial Participants 9

The participant is a 76 year old man first diagnosed with stomach cancer in December 2003. Medical treatment included 6 months of regular chemotherapy and no other medications or treatments. Other non-medical treatment was with Vitamin B17 taken orally. Diet consists of fruit, vegetables, fish and some meat.

Main presenting problems include.
Depression; Lack of energy; Lack of Motivation. Problems swallowing (thought to be a build up of arsenic in the body from B17).

Verbal reports were as follows

3rd May 2005
1. Sleeping better from CD use.
2. Still feeling sad.
3. No physical energy.
4. Problems swallowing.

10th May 2005
1. Still sleeping better.
2. Still has trouble swallowing, (will now cease taking B17 of own accord).
3. Energy still low.
4. Mood feels a little better.

24th May 2005
1. Feeling much better now.
2. Still sleeping well.
3. Energy feels as though it is returning (has taken some walks).
4. Walked 3 kilometres on previous Monday.
5. Swallowing has gone back to normal.

31st May 2005
1. Feeling much happier.
2. Partner has noticed a big improvement in moods etc.
3. Energy fluctuating up and down.
4. Still not exercising as much as he would like to, but feels lazy too often.

7th June 2005
1. Feeling about 50% better overall.
2. Swallowing problem seems gone now.
3. Sleeping deeply
4. Elimination systems seem to be working fine now.
5. Feeling happier with self.

16th June 2005
1. Reports still feeling better and continuing to improve.
2. Appetite is better.
3. Mood is better.
4. Easier to eat and swallow.
5. Still need motivation to walk more.
6. Sleeping deeply.
7. Feeling generally less worried about things.

Final assessment completed on 16th June 2005:

His opinion of the trial:
I feel much better. I feel the best I have felt since the news of my cancer. I can eat and swallow comfortably again and my depression feels gone. I think that this treatment has been very good for me. Grateful to be one of the cancer trial participants.


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