Cancer Therapy Testimonials

Rick Collingwood Cancer Therapy Testimonials for Hypnosis
Rick Collingwood

Listed here are some cancer therapy testimonials from people who have used
Rick Collingwood’s hypnosis for cancer therapy and had fantastic results.

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US client cancerous tumour stops growing with hypnosis CD use.
Cancer Therapy Testimonials

Hi Rick,

I just had a long phone conversation with Becky Smith, Logan’s mom. She is extremely grateful for the hypnosis recordings you gave them. Logan’s nausea has subsided significantly since he began listening. She said he loves to listen to them, and they put him to sleep every night. His mental attitude has improved and his resolve to win this battle has increased. She says he quotes some of the phrases you use, which also gives her strength. The best news of all is that Logan just had a scan and the cancer has stopped growing for the first time since he began treatment.

On another front, a friend of mine, a naturopath who saw your post on Logan’s site bought your weight loss mp3. She was convinced prior to listening that hypnosis would not work for her because of her analytical nature… guess what? She lost 5 lbs in the first 10 days…

Thanks again,

Mark M

UK client suffering cancer nodules in the liver after winning a previous struggle with breast cancer.
Cancer Therapy Testimonials

Lovely to hear from you Rick. Certainly missing you, you became like a family member while you were here in the UK. Results were excellent. Lovely round blood cells as you expected, no cancer markers were Dr Young’s comments.

Hope you are well. Did you get back to Australia OK? Hope everything went smoothly. I just wanted to re-iterate how delighted I was that you came all the way to England and treated my mother throughout the stay. It was a pleasure meeting you, you are humble with what you can do and down to earth and that was refreshing. I also wanted to extend my thanks to helping all my family with their other things as well, you did not have to do that at all, and I really appreciate everything you have done.
Susan. UK

UK Client post operative after having a cancerous tumour removed from her Pancreas.
Cancer Therapy Testimonials

Hi Rick

(Two paragraphs omitted)

Now …..the GOOD NEWS. E SAW Dr Robert today, the Alkaline based medical doctor. He looked at her blood, and found that a) The original cancer webs in the first tests were now gone. b) The cells look hydrated and of a circular shape c) The cells looked healthy. He also said that the turnaround was great. We didn’t mention your work, and that my mum had been breaking the diet quite a lot. He also said keep it up for another 4-5 weeks, and he believes the cancer will have gone, and she will be into remission, which is fantastic news. Obviously now we will book an appointment with an oncologist to have her CT, PET scans done, and that excite me I cannot wait to see the results.

Once again thank you for everything. My mum is so happy, she’s like she’s 20 again! We cannot thank you enough for taking time to see my mum and coming to the UK and for all of your hard work. I will of course keep you updated, and let you know what the scans say.

Adam. UK

An American Client Before and After a Kidney Transplant
Cancer Therapy Testimonials

We are so blessed to be introduced to the unbelievable power of your Hypnotherapy sessions via your “Mind Body Healing” and “A Youthful You” CDs. No one really can understand the power of this until they experience it. I was diagnosed with end stage renal failure (mostly due to the side effects of immuno-suppressant drugs from a liver transplant in 2003) and my health was deteriorating rapidly. Circulation was so bad I had ulcers that wouldn’t heal for over 6 and a half months and finally had to be skin grafted.

This was to enable me to get on the 5 year waiting list for a kidney transplant. My Doctors didn’t like the slowness of my healing and my kidneys were getting worse. I couldn’t eat or hold food down for more than 5 minutes. My best friends told me about the “Mind Body Healing”  CD and I began to listen to it night after night and then introduced “A Youthful You and alternated the two.

All of the sudden my circulation and color started to improve and all of the doctors that I saw regularly were asking me what I was doing. My blood tests began to improve and people started to not believe I still needed a transplant. I took my medicines and followed the prescribed diet and continued listening to both CDs for over 3-4 months. I couldn’t believe how my mental and physical health started to improve. Friends and family were positively amazed at how much my total appearance and health had improved!

I received my brother’s kidney in September 2007 and healed so rapidly and because of the subconscious healing and strengthening of my attitude and total well being, I am a walking miracle to everyone who knows me and had seen my body deteriorating for over a year! I can’t thank you enough for your amazing knowledge and dedication to Hypnotherapy that has helped me so very much. I have since recommended your CDs and web site to over 35 people and so many are thanking me and my wife for sharing this wonderful help!

Then when you came to New York in September and gave me those personal hypnosis treatments it was amazing. Just like my Doctors I had never thought that hypnosis could be such a powerful way to heal your body. There is no way I will ever be able to find the right words to express my appreciation. Keep up your work, the world needs people with your healing talents.

Thank you so much, Michael from New Jersey.

A New Zealand Client Pre and Post Operative for Bowel Cancer
Cancer Therapy Testimonials

Thank you so much for coming to New Zealand to give me your hypnosis treatments. Everybody was very skeptical at first, but I have to say they made a tremendous improvement in how I felt. I still can’t believe how quickly my appetite returned which was good because I badly needed to put the weight back on. I still use the CD you gave me every day and have made a fine and easy recovery from the operation. I have to go back to the hospital to have the bag removed in two weeks time so I will let you know how it goes.

Once again thank you. Christine. NZ

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