All About Hypnosis

What is Hypnosis and How Does It Work?

Hypnosis is simply an altered state of mind where the “subconscious mind” is in control whilst the “conscious mind” is detached. Very similar to meditation. Hypnotherapy is the act of utilizing this state of hypnosis to introduce positive changes and ideas into any individual’s life. People that are under the influence of alcohol or daydreaming are in a semi hypnotic state. This explains why an intoxicated person is fairly easy to persuade into doing something.

meditation similar to hypnosis

The “conscious mind” is the part of the mind which is responsible for interpretation and rational thinking. The “subconscious mind” on the other hand operates autonomously and automatically and is shaped by every single thing an individual has ever experienced, heard, seen, done, thought or felt. The subconscious mind is always in conflict with the conscious mind and establishing a balance between the two, forms the basis of everything we do. Hypnotherapy introduces beneficial new ideas directly to the subconscious mind which in turn influences the rational and analytical properties of the conscious mind to implement these new ideas in everyday life. By introducing new and more positive ideas any individual can directly achieve a heightened understanding and realization of their full potential or gain the ability to overcome emotional and physical afflictions. These positive ideas are easily implemented by guiding an individual through hypnosis into a deeply relaxed, trance-like state, where the ‘conscious mind’ (critical mind) is bypassed and the “sub conscious” mind becomes more open and receptive to any new ideas and directions. Because the ‘sub conscious’ mind inadvertently controls the ‘conscious mind’ these changes are brought forward and made noticeable in everyday life.

It is important at this point to be made aware that this is clinical hypnotherapy and not stage hypnosis. Furthermore as the change is brought about by the individual themselves the instructions to the subconscious mind will only be acted on if they are beneficial to the person i.e. People won’t do things that are harmful to them. This can be seen by an underweight person listening to the weight loss CD and then gaining weight. What happens is that the message is for the person to take steps to achieve an optimum weight. If they are under the optimum weight the subconscious mind will instruct them to gain rather than lose weight.

The CDs use the spoken voice to distract the conscious mind while patented frequencies in the tones of Theta Rhythm & F sharp induce a state of deep hypnosis. While the spoken words differ in each CD to enhance the outcome required, the underlying frequencies are identical as these have been obtained through extensive research.

Hypnotherapy is commonly delivered in the following format:

1. Induction: Guides the listener into a trance like state through spoken hypnotic techniques

2. Deepening: From the induction the deepening takes the listener further down into a greater trance-like state which is called the “Theta Realm” where the subconscious fully overrides the conscious mind.

3. Hypnotic Body: Beneficial new ideas are introduced to the listener who is promoted to accept and deal with them in their own chosen way.

4. Direct Suggestions: The listener’s subconscious is directly guided to take positive, reinforced action and achieve the desired result from the session.

5. Conclusion: The listener is given the choice to either wake up or to continue sleeping if it is their normal bed time.

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