5 Gemstone Colours And Their Benefits

Many gemstones and crystals are known for their influence and ability to create positive energy in a wide variety of forms. The colour, material and composition can all factor into the kind of energy a gemstone exudes, which in turn can have a significant effect on our moods and general feelings of wellbeing.

Generally, there are two categories of stones – those that help to strengthen you physically and emotionally and those that calm, relax and have help us to find inner peace.

In this month’s article, let’s discuss some of the most widely-known, significant gemstone colours and the spiritual, emotional and/or physical benefits they can provide us with.

Black gemstones

Darker gemstones are generally associated with the ground and the earth, promoting feelings of strength, resilience and control over anxiety. They are therefore useful for those dealing with stress, which is one of the most common forms of anxiety affecting people today. The most common black gemstone variety is tourmaline, however sapphire and onyx are also widely spread.

Red gemstones

For obvious reasons, the colour red is traditionally associated with blood, so red gemstones help with blood circulation, increase healing time and offer general health benefits when run down with fatigue or if you have more serious issues. They can also bring about increased vitality and can act as an excellent meditative stone.
They are also said to promote dispositions of courage, optimism, love and kindness.

Yellow gemstones

Yellow or gold gemstones are some of the most popular and widely used, with citrine or sapphire being popular materials. Physically advantages include the ability to improve skin problems and digestion, while mental benefits come generally come in the form of increased confidence and inner strength. The yellow gems are highly communicative and their influence is thought to be quite strong – they improve power and control and also helps to motivate and inspire us.

Green gemstones

Traditionally, the colour green is associated with good fortune and general prosperity. Green gemstones can thus help increase our natural intuition and bring luck in many cases as well. They can also bridge a connection with nature, helping us find an inner balance and a peace with the world around us.
Problems with stomach pains and migraines can also be lessened by using green gemstones.

White gemstones

Being the opposite of black, the colour white in gemstones and crystals is associated with the moon (as opposed to the earth), heightening feelings of restfulness, sleep and relaxation. Interestingly they are also thought to promote psychic abilities and general brain function. Colourless, white gemstones come in many different varieties including diamond, sapphire and zircon.