Our purpose and passion here at Be Enchanted is to help you to live a fulfilling and happy life. We have many tools that can help you on your journey of enlightenment to become the greatest version of you that you can imagine. We specialise in gemstones and crystals for their healing energies as well as their beauty, Reiki Healing, Pellowah Healing, Yoga and Meditation.

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Visit our showroom and healing space at 60 Ameys Track, Foster Victoria. See the fantastic display of natural and polished gemstones and gift ideas on display. Have a stroll through Kaycie Jade’s Art Gallery or take a wander through our Meditation Garden and soak up all the healing energy.

Yoga classes to get your “OM” on.

Kaycie Jade runs weekly Yoga classes for adults and children. If you are interested in joining in please contact her on facebook  for prices and times.

Kaycie Jade Prom Country Yoga and Wellbeing*****************

Fantastic Life Improvement Packages

As part of our commitment here at Be Enchanted to help you improve your life we are now able to offer you many life improvement downloads to help you in every area of your life. We know that people are time-poor these days and quick downloads with easy to follow instructions seems like a great way to get information and help to those who are looking for it.

Other sites normally sell these packages for $97.00 or more and then upsell you to pay extra for the audio and video programs and ‘special bonuses’. We are offering these programs at a very reduced rate and have included all of the bonus material for free with no extra charges so everyone has access to this amazing information at an affordable price.

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Our showroom is open from 10am – 5 pm most days

 Be Enchanted Welcome Meditation Garden