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Jan Duncan's Woman Spirit Series Hypnosis CD's

Dream Weaver by Jan Duncan

Sleep and Dream This CD is designed to assist you to break poor sleeping patterns and achieve deep restful sleep. Allow yourself to be guided into a deep relaxed and prolonged sleep with lucid dreaming.

CD Run Time 56 Minutes

Jan Duncan Dream Weaver Hypnosis CD page

Lucid Dreaming With Hypnosis

This hypnosis session will take you on a journey within the deep realms of your inner mind to promote deep sleep and lucid dreaming. Sorry guys, but this recording is for women only, and contains many specific references to the female energy within the hypnotic script. If you are a woman and have troubles sleeping or wish to step in and take control of your dreams then this title is just for you.

This hypnotic recording is deeply relaxing and satisfying to fall asleep with. Author of Dreamweaver, Jan Duncan, has had many years experience using hypnosis to promote increased dream state awareness. This program will allow you to understand your own dream state and develop the ability to 'step in' to your dreams to affect their outcomes.

The power of dreams to manifest real life outcomes is an incredible force. Stepping in and being able to control what you dream about and to experience deeper and more profound subconscious visualizations is a very satisfying experience.

On this recording Jan uses a number of techniques to give you the tools to empower your own dream state and to induce a deeply satisfying slumber each and every time you use the program. In fact, after using this program for the recommended 6 to 8 weeks, you will have developed an intuitive ability to experience the benefits of deep sleep forever. Such is the beauty of hypnosis for instilling powerful, permanent deep seeded new patterns.

About Jan Duncan

Jan Duncan is an experienced hypnotist who specialises in using this powerful therapy for women. Simply sit back, listen to the recording on a daily basis and float away with Jan's divine voice and relaxing theta frequencies for some special 'You' time every day.

This recording contains Rick Collingwood's patented Neurosonic Frequencies for maximum relaxation benefits. Jan is also officially trained in hypnotherapy by Rick. This means you can rely on this product being a completely effective and safe recorded hypnosis session.