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Reiki healing

A Reiki healing is a safe, non-invasive, hands-on healing method that brings back balance to the systems of the mind and body, and as a result symptoms and conditions of illness may be relieved. Reiki healing may help with many conditions including, stress, anxiety, insomnia, muscle aches and pains, illness, migraines, just to name a few. Reiki is a self-healing process that can bring relaxation to the mind and body. The primary aim of Reiki is to remove energy blockages that may have occurred in the body and as a result have caused physical or emotional ailments or disease. Drawing on the Reiki energy I use a sequence of hand positions over the body, which enhances your sense of wholeness and well-being and supports your body’s natural healing ability.

30 minute Reiki Healing Session $40

1 hour Reiki Healing Session $60


Reiki Massage

Combining the above healing with a gentle relaxation massage will help to reduce stress and tension in the muscles as well as on an emotional level. You will leave feeling renewed, relaxed and refreshed.

30 minute Reiki Massage $40

1 hour Reiki Massage $60


Pellowah Healing

A Pellowah healing works on a mental/spiritual level so you will not necessarily feel it like you would a Reiki healing. You will often feel very relaxed during a session, however you could also experience sensations such as tingling, lightness, floating sensations, twitching, rumbles in your stomach or energy moving through your body. You may also experience seeing lights, colours or symbols and all of these are great signs that the healing is working for you. However sometimes you might not feel or see much at all but just feel a general sense of relaxation. This is ok as well as everyone is different. Regardless of what you see or feel physically the Pellowah energy will be working how your higher self feels it needs to. Pellowah does not involve any touch, so you can simply lay fully clothed, comfortably on the massage table, relax and receive the energy.

We do not recommend any other form of natural therapies for a minimum of 24 hours after receiving a Pellowah healing to allow the full benefits to take place. This includes, aromatherapy, meditation, crystals, etc. You are welcome to discuss any feelings or experience that you felt during your healing but I will not give feedback or comment until after the 24 hour time has passed just to ensure that your healing experience is complete without outside influence.

A session usually last between 45-60 minutes $60


Crystal Healing

A crystal healing will entail laying comfortable and fully clothed on a massage table where you will be asked to take a couple of deep breathes and just relax. All crystals vibrate at different levels and all serve a different purpose in your healing journey. Crystals will be placed on and around the body to facilitate the healing and energy flow which can help to release emotional and physical problems, clearing of the auric field and the chakras. Many clients report very different experiences from a crystal healing.

30 minute Crystal Healing Session $40

1 hour Crystal Healing Session $60


We run weekly meditation sessions @ Be Enchanted every Tuesday night at 7 pm. $10 per person and light refreshments included